Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rules for the Mystery Row Swap

Starts September 1, 2014
Welcome all quilters who like BOMs, MYSTERY, and SWAPS.  If you love BOMs and MYSTERY  but not so much SWAPS, this will work for you too.  

I have the itch to design and swap again and wanted to invite quilters from around the world to participate.   Here is what I have in mind:

I will be designing a ROW QUILT.  It will be offered in queen-size and throw-size, but make any size you want because row quilts are easy to adapt.  If you don't prefer ROW quilts, you can make a sampler out of the blocks each month.

After careful consideration from participant suggestions, I have decided on a "Quilter's Garden" theme.  The row swap will feature rows of things you might find in a quilter's sewing room and flowers.  

The pattern for the first row will be released September 1st.  To participate, email me ( or leave a comment with your email.  I will send you a PDF downloaded pattern for FREE.  If you make at least one block to swap and post it to the group blog by the end of the month, then you will get the next month's pattern for free.

I am calling the first row "Good Vibrations".  It will feature a variety of sewing machines, old and new. 

Because it is a swap, you will be required to use quilt shop quality fabric and match the colors in my color scheme.

The Mystery
A new FREE row pattern will be revealed at the first of each month (via email PDF format).  Participants will make up to a listed maximum number of blocks they wish to swap from that pattern and post them to the group blog by the last day of the month.  If you are not much of a swapper, just make one to swap and make the rest for yourself, or you can purchase the pattern and just quilt along.  Anyone who posts swap blocks will be in on that month's swap.  Non bloggers can email me their photos to post. 
If you make two blocks, you swap two.  If you make 5, you swap 5.  If the row requires 8 blocks and you only make two to swap, then you will have to make the other 6 blocks on your own to have enough for the row. 

Block patterns may include paper piecing, some appliqué, or regular rotary or strip piecing methods.

What is a row quilt?

Here are some row quilts I have designed in the past to help you understand what they are.

Be Thankful - Autumn

a neighborhood with quilts hanging on the clothes line, flowers, butterflies, sunbonnet sues, a picket fence with a fancy gate, watering cans, birdhouses, and umbrellas. 


Additional Rules

    • You must participate in the SWAP the prior month to get the next pattern for FREE.  The cost for non-swap participants will be $6.75 a month payable via paypal or Etsy or Craftsy.  Patterns for sale will release the first week of each month. 
    • Late comers are welcome but they will need to purchase the patterns they missed or come up with their own rows. 
     Who do you swap with?

    As quilters post their completed blocks I will number each block in the order they are blogged.  So when it is time to  decide which blocks go to Jane Doe, and if Jane made 3 blocks, I will draw out three numbers to determine which ones she gets.  If Deana made 6 blocks I will draw the next 6 numbers for her.  Basically, it will be random.  I will doctor up the randomness if needed, for example, last month a lady drew two identical blocks from the same person.  I generated a random number to trade with for her.
      Basically, you could get some blocks from the same person but most likely you will receive blocks from different people.  On the first of each month I will determine as randomly as possible where each block is sent and email everyone a list with addresses.

      On the first of the month I will blog about a "maximum" number of blocks you can make.  It will probably be the number of blocks in the row (likely not more then 8).   

      Participants will be required to use high quality fabric (no Walmart)  and to match the color scheme.  You can tell the quality by how good it feels and by the price.  Most good quality fabric is around $10 a yard.  I hope participants will purchase enough fabric so they can put bits of the same fabric in each row to blend the whole quilt together.

      Deana’s Designs is not liable for blocks that get lost in the mail.  Participate at your own risk.

      Leave a comment with your email address or email me at  In the subject line put "BOM swap mystery" so I know you are not a spammer. If you have a theme idea for future ROW quilts, please share it.

      We begin September 1st, 2014.   I anticipate the swap to go for 6-7 months.  The "free" block closes at the end of each month, but late comers can purchase it at Etsy.

      Put the button on your blog and let your friends and internet groups know. 


      Moira said...

      Sigh......I'm following Susan N down the rabbit tho things are going to get crazier I'm going to sign up for it. Probably won't get but one block a month made but that's beside the point.

      Email is MLMcspadden at juno (dot) com

      As for a theme.....patriotic is always good for me,

      Key Elements said...

      I found you today! I love your former designs and boy o boy I would love to participate! Please add me: my email is: bestlock at aol dot com. I am sew looking forward to this experience. I will grab your button and GO! Thanks and it is very generous of you and your time to do this. :) Much appreciation.

      Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

      I love the sewing machines, so, I'm going to try this. Probably only one block per month, since I already have way too much to finish. email is

      Cindy said...

      I would love to join also. Almost late for the party. I'm CDahlgren at live dot com. Thanks for coming up with such a cool BOM, swap QAL.

      Unknown said...

      Just found your site,email is,looking forward to this,but I will have to buy the patterns,as I have a lot of quilty commitments already,never done a row quilt or sewalong before but this was has tempted me,many thanks.

      tealeafquilts said...

      I,m in,

      Lisa Boyer said...

      Saw your adorable sewing machine block at "A Quilt Story" this morning! So cute! All your row quilts are wonderful. My email is and I would love to see a baking theme--bowls, rolling pins, cakes, canisters of sugar and flour, ovens, loaves of bread, teapots, etc. Fall is the time for baking and I've got the fever!

      Lisa Boyer said...

      Oops, I meant I saw your sewing machine block at "A Quilting Chick," not "A Quilt Story." I guess I shouldn't type comments until after my second cup of coffee...

      dqlts said...

      So many ideas for a row quilt come to mind! The sewing machine would be a good start to one with sewing items. Would love to try this. I've never done a row quilt before so this should be fun. I first saw this on Sew Can She blog. Email is Thanks so much!

      Anonymous said...

      This is a great project for me to try since I love sewing machines!! Please add me email:

      Pippa Parsons said...

      Ohhh I've just seen this on Fb, hope I'm not too late. Swapping one Pippa at pippaspatch dot com

      Anonymous said...

      Would love to do this BOM row! My email is .Thanks

      mumbird3 said...

      BOM swap mystery

      this sounds like fun - can I join???

      Domestic Designer said...

      I'm gonna try! Pleases send me the pattern. Thanks!

      BubbeCraft said...

      I'm interested in trying. Just learned about you today. What did you mean by a theme idea? For this swap or a new one?

      dq said...

      I am so excited to get new sign-ups! A few of you did not leave an email for me to send the pattern to. Please email me at and say "Quilter's Garden" or "Swap" in the subject line so I know you are not spam.

      Dixie, Pippa, and Domestic Designer - emails please.

      Lori said...

      I would love to sign up for the Quilters Garden mystery swap. Wish I had known about this sooner. My email is

      Sue Niven said...

      Count me in for 3 my email address is Thanks so much! So looking forward to doing this and getting to know you all.

      Agnes B. Bullock said...

      Know that I am late but would love to try this!

      § tiff § said...
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      § tiff § said...

      I know I'm late too...but I'd love to join!!!

      Unknown said...

      i would love to join, too. I LOVE the sewing machine block. Email: kisstal618 at gmail dot com

      Krystal :)

      Tealovinglady said...

      I would love to join also! Came over from

      I would like to swap one block. I love the sewing theme!


      Laurie said...

      Is it too late to get in on this? I'd love to get started! My email is

      Unknown said... or

      Unknown said...

      I would love to join in (a little late,as usual).
      My email address is

      Where can I get the directions for the September block?


      Beth said...

      Is it too late to jump in? My email address is
      wordygirl (at) earthlink (dot) net

      Great idea! I've never made a row quilt but have often thought about it.

      Ramona said...

      "BOM swap mystery" I'm feeling over-committed right now and afraid to sign up for the swap, but I would like to purchase the patterns. I am loving your sewing machine.

      rpsandbag (at)gmail (dot) com


      Tatiana Moniz said...

      Is it too late to jump in? My email address is

      Nancy Howland said...

      I would love to try a row quilt. My email is:
      thank you

      Unknown said...

      Hi, If it isn't too late I would also like to do this. My email is Thank you

      Montserrat Duran said...

      I love it, please include me

      Unknown said...

      I'm in, this looks like a lot of fun. The darling sewing machines and rotary cutters have drawn me in. I can't wait to see all of your creative ideas. email:

      Lynette said...

      This is so fun! I'm really glad to see that you do these periodically, because right now is not a good time for me to join in. But I'll be watching, and look forward to another one some time in the future. :)

      Caro said...

      Hi, I would love to get the sewing machine pattern! Thanks a lot, Carolin

      Sheri said...

      Hi. I just saw Cathy's quilts on a line blocks at A Quilting Chick and they are soooo cute! It seems it must be too late to get in on the swapping? If not, I'd like to participate. If so I hope you have another! Thanks, Sheri