Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Swap Blocks - Quilt Shops

It is swap time again and here is the random generator list:

We had one late entry and Tracy wanted to swap with her so Trudie and Tracy will be swapping with each other even though their names are not on the list.

Here are the January swap blocks.  Please have them in the mail no later than Monday, February 9th and report here or to me by email.


Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Deanna I just cut out my pieces to make shop #1. As I am reading the instructions and looking at the photo of your block something isn't quite right. The instructions say to cut out 3 "F" pieces and sew one on each side of the door. Your block shows only one of these sewn to the left side of the door. So should I follow your written instructions or the photo? If I sew the 2 F's to the door will that throw off the block? The 3rd F piece looks narrower than in your photo also.

dq said...

Yes, I redesigned the window a little bit after making my block. My block has the window on the right outside edge of the house. I redesigned it to have a wall there instead because it looks better.

Ann T. said...

I'm sad that #19 would not post, but I am happy to be getting it, as I know it will be perfect!! Luv ya cuz

Moira said...

Beautiful blocks. Wish I'd had time to make one to swap.