Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rule 9 Tease

I'm not going to make the deadline for this one but do have a tease.


Just brought home my husband from several days in the hospital only to discover that I'm not the only one not ready for the next rule.  We'll all play catch up togeher.



I too am MIA.  After living in the same house for 33 years my husband and I decided it was time to downsize a little and move to a new house.  Wow, what a job!  We are in our new home now, and I have a sewing room, but everything in it is still in boxes.  Somehow it seemed more important to get the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms organized first, ;o), but hopefully I'll be able to get my sewing room organized soon and get caught up.  There is no way I'll be ready to post anything by the 8th, but hopefully I'll be able to catch up on the next rule.  Happy sewing everyone!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Also missing in action

I'm also missing in action for this latest rule........but will get caught up at some Summer school has been brutal for me, but it's almost over now thankfully. Am getting ready to head to Phoenix for a couple weeks of looking forward to that. While out there will be doing some sewing that I must get done. Have to get a quilt sample made using a block that I designed and that has been accepted for publication in the Fall 2011 issue of QuiltMaker's 100 Blocks magazine. =) Hadn't had time to make anything with it because of school, and now I need something finished before the first of Am also working on the next block I plan to submit for it drawn up (actually have two of them drawn up....) but need to get the sample block made. =)

More later everyone!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Yes, I'm missing in action, but don't count me down yet. Between buying a house (closing in August, no date yet) and my "part-time" job becoming almost full-time (and I'll be quitting at the end of August!), I have NO time. I have things printed out to put on the book shelf, and that was what step? I'm not sure, but I have 6 pieces hanging on the wall, and it's the unfinished one of them. LOL. I WILL get back to it - probably in September, and work on catching up - that and everything else!

In the meantime, it looks nice on the design wall.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bird Teaser for Rule 9

Here is a teaser for my Rule 9 block. I suspect you can guess what bird I am creating by the background fabric. The picture posted sideways. Don't know why it does that sometimes.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rule 1 Finally Done

Sorry it took me so long but I finally finished Rule 1. Can you see my flying geese?
LOL My block is a little wonky because I trimmed too much on one side but I'll work
with it. I'm almost done with Rule 2. Trying to catch up but it seems like I'm always
running behinc. In case you forgot, my theme is Tropical Beach. Here is a pic of Rule
1 and hope to see you soon with Rule 2.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Scarecrow, part of rule 8

This is the paper pieced part of rule 8.  It is a 6" block so I will be adding more things around it.  Maybe I will get caught up soon!

Teaser Rule 9

Here are both my 3-d teaser and my matching blocks of different sizes.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tied up for now!

Hello ladies!!

Just a note to let you know I am not going to be able to work on this block for a couple of weeks, so you won't get my usual early teaser on this one. However, I am very excited about this one and have it all planned. I sent for some special fabric on ebay which will hopefully arrive and be available when I am. See you then!!

Caught up finally!

Well, I am finally all caught up and ready to start on rule #9. I had to re-think my quilt plans so that took me the most time. I think I'm now on track again with where I plan to go with it. I think my most challenging was the curved piecing. As you can see my river isn't very curvey.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Steph's rule number 8. Just barely on time!

 The camp that I am currently working at, closes for the week of the fourth, so I was able to get my block done, on time!  I must admit I am not a big fan of paper piecing.  I find it a royal pain.  Maybe it was the pattern I chose...  Anyhow, here is the block!

Again, it is sideways.  The border fabric is really, really bright, but it was the only yellow that did not involve dinosaurs or fish in mom's cupboard of scraps.  So, I will have to put it elsewhere in the future to make it less striking.  Here is a close up on those trees...
and the whole thing...
I am not a huge fan of how it turned out.  Plus, I discovered that somehow, when I squared off the last block, I made it almost an inch too skinny, so I will have to put something on that side to make the quilt up to size.


It's time for our Rule Release 9, so here we go:

RULE:  Use different sized blocks that fit together. For instance, use a 4" finished block and 2" finished blocks as their measurements fit together easily.

TECHNIQUE:  Something 3D - it actually has to stick up on the quilt like flower petals or embellishments.  (This won't be a flat 3D like we did before.)

SIZE:  At this point our quilt should measure 37-1/2" tall and  43-1/2" wide.  Block # 9 will go on the top or the bottom of the quilt.  This block will be the width of the quilt and 12 inches tall finished, so the unfinished block will be 43-1/2" wide and 12-1/2" tall.

When the block is finished post a picture of the block, then sew it to the top or bottom of your quilt and post a picture of the whole quilt.

DUE DATE:  We will have one month to complete this block.  You may begin posting teasers July 18, and the full release can be posted August 1st.  The next rule will be released August 8. 

Here are a few ideas of what can be done with 3-D:


Monday, July 4, 2011

Granny Annie's Garden (Wallhanging), Rule 8

I love paperpiecing so this was a fun rule. I need to admit I cheated just a little - this was a UFO sitting in my closet - I already had the tulip made. But it has a yellow daffodil & was so fun to make. Will be great on my wall come next Spring or maybe as a tablerunner. Can't wait to see what rule 9 brings.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I am here.

Just a note that this hostess is pretty swamped right now.  She is getting ready for Girl's Camp.  Give me two weeks and I can sew again.

P.S. I love all of your mysteries!!!