Tuesday, March 31, 2015

fence block

I made a fence block to swap.

Here is a block to swap!  I will finish the applique stitching this evening, I just wanted to get a photo send in before it got too late.  Happy swapping!

Two more blocks to swap...

Linda Th is swapping this one:

Denise is swapping this one:

Block to swap- fence line

So I finally made it.  I wasn't procrastinating, just too many other projects that took precedent. 
I really do plan on adding some birds, and/or kites, flowers, airplanes, etc., before I send this off,
 but I don't have the time right now. 

It has been so fun to swap these blocks.  Looking forward to the next project Deana has for us. 
But I do need a break so I'm glad she is holding off till late summer. 

In all honesty, I have loved ALL of the blocks that I have received.
 I hope I can get them in the rows soon and finish the quilt. 

Lorri has a block to swap.

Lorri made a fence block to swap.

One to Share

I have one to share this month.   Sorry, it got away from me.   I cannot believe it will be April tomorrow.  hugs

Marilyn is swapping one.

Marilyn made the fence block to swap.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pam's Blocks to Keep

Pam's Swap Block

I did not sew the line or attach the dragonflies and quilt. I will leave that to the recipient of the block.
I had fun making all the little quilt blocks.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's here

I have just received my lovey pin cushion block from Susan.
Love all the pin heads too. It will match well.
Yes Susan was nice enough to send some extras. It is allowed. Thank you so much Susan

Quilts In The Garden

Quilt's In The Garden Block to share

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Block Ready

I have my tree block ready for trading. I pinned the little quilt on it to see what it will look like. Lucy

Blocks received

I have been away from home for a couple of months so am just getting my lovely blocks.  Thank you!!!

Cathy for the lovely flower block!
Linda for the beautiful quilt shop block!
Daryl for the adorable pin cushion block!

I love them all!!

Susan: Good Intentions and Hot Paved Roads

I'm not even going to pretend I did anything last week, and this week could turn out the same. Part of it is other things I've had to do, and part of it is other things. See you soon with something pretty, I hope.

Block Received

Jo's block from Australia arrived yesterday.  Thank you so much Jo.  I love the heart pin heads!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Pin cushion block has arrived

hi everyone. It was a good end to the day today when I got home and had some happy mail. I have received my blocks from Trudie. They have travelled many miles over the seas but they got here. So cute too.
Love the pin heads...... Thankyou Trudie

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Quilter's Garden Mini Quilts

I finished making 3 blocks for the Quilter's Garden BOM swap. I made 2 tree blocks and the clothesline block. I hope to make the fence block too, but I wanted to make sure I got the blocks done in time for the swap, so I might make more blocks later. I loved this one. I got a bit creative with one of the trees too as you will see.
I made my tree with scraps of yarns and threads. I used a washable stabilizer and sewed the yarn and threads to the stabilizer until I felt I had enough. Then I washed the stabilizer out and cut out the tree top shape and stitched it in place. I am keeping this block.

This is the clothesline and I added to 2 mini quilts and embroidered the clothespins to tack the quilts in place. I am keeping this block too.

I will be swapping this block.

These 2 blocks I am keeping. They need to be sewn together, but I might make another block, so I will wait and see what I want to do first. I see it might be better if I make the clothesline connect to another tree or post, so the clothesline isn't just out there in the air, lol!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

comment on pincushion blocks

I don't know what happened to my post of a couple weeks ago.  I did sent my block to Vickie and I did receive my block from Phyllis.    I hope Vickie got hers about March 9th.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Quilts in the Garden Blocks Done

I had a day off yesterday and got my blocks finished. They were very easy to do, but with an almost 2 year old helper, not so easy to do. So had to wait to finish while the little ones were not here. 
I will be keeping these 3

 And swapping this one.
I have not finished off the lines from the trees, as they will be strung onto the adjoining block. I have one more mini quilt nearly done, and may do another, depending on what I get from the swap.

Cathy - Quilts on a Line Blocks Completed

Hi everyone! This month's blocks were so quick, easy, and fun. Thank you Deanna!!  Here's my rail fence block.  I'll be keeping this one.  Some of you may recognize the little quilt.  I saved all the end pieces that were already sewn from my strip sets for my Grand Illusion and sewed them together.

Rail Fence Block - Quilter's Garden

Next up is my clothesline block. Again, I'm keeping this one. 

Clothesline Block - Quilter's Garden 

And I made two tree blocks.  I'm keeping this one...

Tree Block #1 - Quilter's Garden 

And swapping this one...

Tree Block #2 - Quilter's Garden 

I did get a picture yesterday with three of them together...

Quilts on a Line Row - Quilter's Garden 

For these three quilts, I pulled out some bonus HST's from my drawer and trimmed them to 1" to make the pinwheels.  Love how they turned out!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March row finished

I have really had fun making these little quilts to add to my blocks this month.    I noticed that I didn't bring the trees or clothes line down to the green area like I should have but decided that I can live with it.

 I added a bit of machine embroidery to embellish my blocks as well.

This little quilt is made from a miniature twister tool and I think it turned out cute.

I love Hexi's and these are 1/2 inch.  Now I just need to finish tacking everything down and can call it a finish.  I can't stop making them.  At this rate my quilt will be a king size oh dear!

This one below  is to share.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Moira - Block received

Cathy's lovely block arrived here today!    Thanks so much.  =)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Blocks received

I received both my lovely pin cushions from Jo (in Australia) in today's mail. I love the "pin heads". They are tiny flowers and are just adorable. THANK YOU so much. I love them. The spacers are great, too. They will all go together nicely with those I made and kept.
Jo, I am so glad they were in plastic, as the envelope was torn and an edge of the plastic was exposed. The blocks are clean and in perfect condition. 

"Quilts in the Garden" by Edith ready to swap

Here is Edith's block to swap for next month.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Block Arrived

My block arrived in the mailbox today from Texas! It's an adorable block, and there was a little something extra in the envelope that is just wonderful. I'll put a post on my blog next week about it - didn't get to do it today. Thank you, Trudie!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Blocks are Here

I have received both my pincushion blocks. Thank you to Lyn and Deana! They are wonderful. I can't believer we are so close to finishing.

Cathy - Blocks Sent and Received

Look! Someone else had the idea for a quilter's garden too!'s called "The Makers," and is designed by Cori Dantini (one of my all-time favorites) for Blend fabrics. Just picked this panel up and one of the coordinates at the quilt shop and had to share.

Also, I wanted to report that I got both of  my blocks in the mail this week.  They are so cute!  And absolutely perfect with my fabrics!  Thank yall!  Mine went in the mail on Monday.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A post with photos

my last 2 blocks for this month are done.
I made the quilts using orphan blocks from my cupboard. I attached the quilts with real wooden pegs on to a twisted cord line. Very cute.
 this is to SWAP

this is to KEEP

Pin cushion received

i received my block from Ann. Wow that was fast and it is so cute. Thankyou Ann

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Blocks mailed

I forgot to post that I mailed my blocks to both Jo and Susan on Monday.   hugs

pin cushion blocks

I received my pincushion block from Moira a couple of days ago.  Thank you, Moira -- it is lovely.  I like the dots!

I sent out my pincushion block to Edith this morning.  Edith, I apologize for the delay.  I was snowed in last week and then got to the post office 5 minutes too late yesterday.  Since you are so close geographically, I would think you will get it Friday or Saturday.

Quilts in the garden are on display

Here are the blocks I have made. Some are to swap some are to keep. 


I am not stitching the clothes lines to Hang the quilts on because when they are joined with other blocks they, may not match. Instead I will make a twisted cord to use for the line and the lucky winner can place it in the correct spot. There will be some clothes pegs sent too.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thank you Denise

I received my beautiful pincushion block from Denise yesterday in the mail. I love it! Thank you.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Block received

Received my block today from Betty and love it!  Thanks Betty.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Pincusion sent to Lorri

I mailed my pincushion last Wednesday, March 4th.

Saturday, March 7, 2015


I received the lovely pincushion block from Phyllis a couple of days ago.  Very neatly done and I like the gold pins!   I sent my pincushion to Vickie on Friday.  Maybe it will get there Monday or Tuesday?

Pin Cushion in the mail yesterday

My block for Linda T. went in the mail yesterday.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pin Cushion blocks mailed

I mailed the blocks out to Phyllis and Jo yesterday. Since Jo is in Australia, it will take a while, but Phyllis should get hers this week.

Pin cushion in the mail

Phyllis, your pin cushion is in the mail!

Pin cushions in the mail... Susan hang in there

Susan, I hope you quilt shop gets there soon. I hope it hasn't been lost in transit.

Trudie and Ann your blocks are on the way. I hope they don't take as long as Susan's.
Let's hope that they get there before the end of the month.
I'm looking forward to mine.
I'll be starting the next blocks hopefully next week. Too many celebrations this week.....

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Block for Jo in OZ

I was mailing today, but another storm is coming in. Either Friday afternoon or Saturday morning it should be melted away, and I'll mail. Just have to wait for ice to melt off my hill. It's all packaged and ready to go!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Pincushion Block is in the Mail for Kathi

I mailed the pincushion block for Kathi yesterday.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Final Row: Quilts in the Garden

Quilts in the Garden - Final Row

So here are the rules for the last row swap.  Note that there will be one more swap in April for the border blocks.

The maximum blocks you can swap this month is 4.

Use a white on white background so everyone's blocks will go together well in the row.  Use a green fabric for the grass under the trees and clotheslines.  It can be a little bit whimsical like those I have chosen, so you don't necessarily have to use grassy looking fabric.  

You can make any quilt you want to hang on the line.  You can also use the little quilt patterns for the quilt shops from last month if you want.  The quilts tend to look better if you put a border around them.

Choose from 3 blocks: clothes line, tree, or fence.  The line on the tree block will actually connect to the next block.  You can hang as many quilts on the line as you wish, and you may even string two lines between the trees/clothes line poles and layer the quilts.

If you are swapping a clothes line block, attach the quilt for a finished block.

For tree blocks, ALWAYS put the tree on the LEFT side of the block.

If you are swapping a tree block, finish the mini quilt but DO NOT attach the quilt to the tree block because the recipient of the block may wish to string two quilts or center the quilt between the trees/clothes line/fence after she joins the blocks together.  

If you are swapping a fence block, size the quilt to fit between the two fence posts in the middle and not so long that it covers the bottom fence rung.

The blocks can go in the row in any order as long as there is a tree on the left of the block in the tree blocks.  The other end of the line can attach to a clothes line pole or the pole on the fence.  

You can embellish with flowers or anything you want in the garden.  I plan to add flowers to mine and maybe a wheel barrow later.

Here are some more pictures.  I really played with how to lay them out and which quilt to put where.  The lines have not been embroidered yet.

On the photo below, note how the quilt is a touch narrower than the two center posts and you can still see the horizontal poles on both sides.  It is ok that the bottom rung of the fence cannot be seen because this placement makes the fence look real.  If the fence does not show up well it just looks like a quilt is hanging in space.

On the photo below, note how the quilt is a touch wider than the two center posts but you can still see them.  Also, note that the bottom rung of the fence can be seen.  This placement makes the fence look more real.  If the fence does not show up well it just looks like a quilt is hanging in space.

I still need to make two more sewing machines and join blocks together into rows.  If you don't see your sewing machine blocks, Ann and Linda, it is because they are in my "Sewing Room Delight" quilt which is finished and quilted.

I have not yet decided the order I want to put the rows in.  They are just on the wall randomly for now.