Monday, October 31, 2011

Moira's Rule 12 - Caught up!!

Yippee - I am finally caught up with the rules that have been posted and have everything done. For the remainder of rule 12 I made wonky 16 patch blocks. I made three different pairs of 8" finished blocks. Put five of them together and it fit perfectly across the width at the top of the quilt - serendipity because I didn't measure before hand, lol. Did these wonky blocks freehand and had fun with them. May use this idea to use up some fabrics that were from an online friends stash when she passed away. quick and easy - just my type of blocks. =)

Still thinking about what to add to the one section, but am getting closer to making a decision. At the moment am thinking of adding balloons in and around the lettering, with the strings going down through and around the lettering and the basket.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rule 11, and a start on Rule 12 - Use It Up #2

I've finished my version of Rule 11 and have added it to the quilt top. The section is 14 inches wide and runs the full length of the top as it is right now. The words were created through Word - at 300 pt font. Basket was paper-pieced and I used yo-yo's as flowers in the basket. Scraps were used to make the basket, letters, and yo-yo's. I used buttons to hold the yo-yo's on. I'm thinking about what to add to the section so that there isn't so much "empty" space above and below the words. Might take a while to decide what to add.

Next up is Rule 12.....time will tell how fast I get it done. And as I look at the instructions I see that i've already got part of Rule 12 included in this section....oops....that's what I get for not double-checking them before I make something. Not gonna change it tho.............way too much work for that. So all I need to finish up for Rule 12 is to make the buggy barn style wonky blocks. I can handle

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bird Rule 12 Reveal

 I'm still here!!!  I have found that, even though my time is very limited, I still have time to do a block a month.  So here is my wonky penguin.  This was a tough rule for me.  I learned the hard way that buggy barn doesn't work well with curves!  I added the eye, the beak, and the feet later.  I am placing this block at the bottom right-hand corner, so I put the words in to identify the whole quilt.  Unfortunately, the whole block looks a little wonky in this picture.  I had planned to do the positive negative thing, but the size wouldn't work, and the second block didn't want to go together, so I am just including the positive piece.

Here is the penguin block added to the owl block. Can't wait to add the last block to the top of this strip and sew it to the side of the quilt.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Rule 10 - Use It Up #2, and "Use It Up #1" top

I've actually managed to get some quilting time in these last few days....woohoo! Should have been working on homework or the commissioned sewing, but needed the quilting time for me. =)

At any rate, since I had decided that the pastel quilt was big enough for what I wanted to do with it, I stayed with my theme and started working on "Use It Up" quilt #2. =) This quilt top is starting with a pair of pillow panels that I've had in the stash for at least 10 years. I'd planned on using them for a baby I figure by following the remaining rules, with the exception of maybe the posted sizes for the sections, I should have another nice baby quilt at the end of this mystery.

I've finished Rule 10 - because of teh size of the pillow panels, I was only able to get 3 of teh disappearing 9 patch blocks in the quilt on the left side of the quilt. Had goofed up on my cutting so the 4th block didn't turn out anyway. I added the folded insert blocks along the bottom of the top in progress. Now onto Rule 11. =)

Meanwhile, I've also managed to get a border onto the pastel quilt and that top is now finished. Eventually it'll get quilted whenever I next need a baby quilt for a girl.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ann's Autumn Country Rule Release 12

This was a fun rule. The Buggy Barn designing was partly from my imagination and part from what was posted in the rule release. I trimmed the house blocks to 6 1/2 inches and the trees to 5 1/2 inches. The top house overlaps to block 11.
The sign says "CABINS FOR RENT ----->"

Country Holiday Traditions

I can say one thing about this Mystery truly is just that, a mystery that unfolds and leads down different paths with each new rule and technique. I have been playing catch up, but I can tell you that this project hasn't turned out like anything I had envisioned in the beginning.

Here are my rules #9 and #10. Number 9 was to add something 3D, if you look close the wings on my chickens are 3D. Number 10 is a disappearing nine patch and a folded insert. My sunflower garden is the nine patch and the leaves are my folded inserts. The leaves are beginning of my fall holiday traditions.

I knew at the start of the quilt, I wanted to have the holiday traditions surrounding a home, but I didn't anticipate all that I've added around the home. This project has really stretched me. I'm loving all I'm learning. It is a simple, but the disappearing nine patch was fun to do. I like the possibilities that can be done with it.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rule Release #12

Before we get to the rule, let me just say that everyone in the group voted to use the rules that already exist from active and inactive participants.  This rule comes from the original pool of rules submitted.


Rule:  put words in it somewhere

Technique:  I am calling this technique the "Buggy Barn" technique.  The idea comes from the way Buggy Barn patterned quilts are made.  You may use a real Buggy Barn pattern if you choose, but it would be a learning experience to try to make your own.

Follow the steps below:

1.  Draw a basic pattern of what you want to make.  Don't do anything too detailed and remember that it will SHRINK dramatically after it is sewn together.  Create "sections" that must be sewn together before they can be joined to other sections.  I like to label my sections as letters and the pieces in that section are listed in order by number. The photo below shows that there will be 7 sections (A-G).

Below is a sample of a wonky churn dash I drew.

 2.  Draw or trace your pattern onto freezer paper.

3.  Stack at least two contrasting fabrics with right sides up.  Place the freezer paper pattern on top and press it to the top fabric.  The waxy side will stick to the top fabric and hold it  in place while you cut.  Don't be concerned with leaving the outside edges large.  It will give you room to true up the block when you are finished.

4.  Cut along the lines between the main sections as shown below.

5.  Cut out the remaining sections after the main cuts are complete.  Once your sections are cut you can cut out each individual piece.

6.  Trade the position the two different fabrics to form the block pattern.  Sew the pieces together by section in order of number.  As you sew them back together REMEMBER THAT BUGGY BARNS ARE NOT EXACT.  You WILL HAVE TO trim the edge of each piece before you attach it to the next one.  The Buggy Barn style is always wonky and rarely fits together perfectly.

7.  If you started with two fabrics, you will end up with 2 separate blocks that are positive negative blocks.

Here is another example to look at.  This one will be a wonky house.

When I finished, my house looked like this.  Because the patterns don't always turn out like you think they will, I had to make some simple adjustmens.  My chimney was too tall so I added another piece of background to go across the top of it.  Also, my door was the same color as my background, so I added a piece below it to make the door stand out.  See the difference below.

I LOVE Buggy Barn technique!!  Give it a try.

Below is a link to another tutorial from the block lotto.

block lotto tells and shows us how to make a tree

Size:  We are going to add to but not complete the column we started in rule 11.  Remember that this column will go on either side of the quilt.  Block #12 will need to be 17 1/2" wide ( 17" finished) by 19 1/2" tall (19 finished).  You can join block #12 to the top or bottom of block #11.  We are still short 19 more inches of completing this column, so you won't be able to join it to the quilt yet.

Due Dates: The next rule will release November 8th.  You can begin showing a full release of #12 any time it is completed.  Good luck and have fun.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Lyn's Small Town Winter

I am posting this for her as she doesn't do blogger.  Lyn has completed and added rules 8, 9 & 10. 

Rule 8 is the block with the yellow house, brown tree, and rock piller fence posts placed in the lower right.

Rule 9 features more of the lake, the mountain behind it, pine trees, and embroidery work so show more backgrouond hills.  For the 3-D portion of the rule she added black colored birds flying above the pine tree on the right.

On rule 10 she tried to do the disappearing 9 patch in the sky and then changed it because it looked too boxy for clouds and sky.  She did the folded inserts on her clouds.  They are difficult to tell that they are folded inserts because she did such a fine job of stitching down the fold, but they are the long skinny clouds.  Don't they look great and oh so clever?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Granny Annie's Garden Rules 10 & 11

I'm going to pull a fast one here. I'm trying to catch up & since I'm doing wallhangings instead of the quilt I'm combining Rules 10 & 11. The 2 sides are my 4 disappearing 9 patches. I made one folded insert flower. The rest is yo- yos & raw edge applique. The yo-yos were such fun but I don't think there's a cathedral window anywhere in my future - but I'm glad I at least tried a folded insert.