Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Country Holiday Traditions

I can say one thing about this Mystery truly is just that, a mystery that unfolds and leads down different paths with each new rule and technique. I have been playing catch up, but I can tell you that this project hasn't turned out like anything I had envisioned in the beginning.

Here are my rules #9 and #10. Number 9 was to add something 3D, if you look close the wings on my chickens are 3D. Number 10 is a disappearing nine patch and a folded insert. My sunflower garden is the nine patch and the leaves are my folded inserts. The leaves are beginning of my fall holiday traditions.

I knew at the start of the quilt, I wanted to have the holiday traditions surrounding a home, but I didn't anticipate all that I've added around the home. This project has really stretched me. I'm loving all I'm learning. It is a simple, but the disappearing nine patch was fun to do. I like the possibilities that can be done with it.


Marie said...

I really love your quilt and what you have done with the rules and techniques. It's fun to watch it grow and it is a beautiful quilt.

dq said...

I am so glad you posted. I knew you were still in but we haven't heard from you in awhile.

My favorite parts of your new additions are the sunflower garden (it looks awesome) and your folded insert leaves. Wow! Those leaves with the stitching on them look great! Did you hand embroider them or do free motion embroidery?

I also really like your house with the pathway/road that leads to it and the fence.

Thanks for sharing!

Betty C said...

You are really getting it worked out nicely. I love those chickens!

dorine said...

So glad to see you catching up! We have missed you! It is coming along beautifully!!

Pam in Texas said...

I really like how you are coordinating everthing to work in your mystery quilt. I also like those colors again the white background. Looks very nice.

Ann T. said...

It looks like we were posting at the same time! LOL
I love your chickens and coop. They are adorable. Your folded squares are very clever, folded and stitched back to the shape of the leaves, then embroidered veins. LOVE IT. Your quilt is so fun!