Saturday, March 22, 2014

Marie's Optical Illusion Rule #15

Block 15 is finished!!  My top is complete.  Now I have to add the borders and the piecing will be finished.  Rule 15 was that there could be no pink in the block.  That was easy enough, especially with my colors.  The Technique was to choose any technique we wanted.  So, I chose to do some paper piecing, which I love, and since I have never done a log cabin, and I'm going to be make lots of them shortly, I decided to do that and check my 1/4" seam accuracy.  I was off a little.  It didn't matter on this block, but I know I'm going to have to work on that.

The left part of the block is call "Bent Stars" and I got the pattern off one of my favorite quilting sites called "Paper Panache".   (  The top right block is call "knight's Knot" and I found it on Piece By Number.

Here is the final row of my quilt, which I added to the top of the quilt.

It's quite an interesting quilt.  I have enjoyed this little mystery quilt journey and have learned a lot in the process.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Marie's Optical Illusion Rule Release #14

Yippee, I finished #14.  I only have one more block and the border to do.

The rule for this block was to make a pinwheel.  My pinwheel is fairly subtle, but it is there.  I'll let you find it.

The technique was to combine a hand stitched applique with embroidery.  The little tumbling blocks are hand embroidered and then appliqued onto the quilt.  I have appliqued quite a lot, but those corners on the blocks were quite a challenge for me.  I guess I'm out of practice.  Anyway, I'm not totally thrilled with the little tumbling blocks, but I quite like the rest of the block and can't wait to add it to the quilt.