Saturday, March 15, 2014

Marie's Optical Illusion Rule Release #14

Yippee, I finished #14.  I only have one more block and the border to do.

The rule for this block was to make a pinwheel.  My pinwheel is fairly subtle, but it is there.  I'll let you find it.

The technique was to combine a hand stitched applique with embroidery.  The little tumbling blocks are hand embroidered and then appliqued onto the quilt.  I have appliqued quite a lot, but those corners on the blocks were quite a challenge for me.  I guess I'm out of practice.  Anyway, I'm not totally thrilled with the little tumbling blocks, but I quite like the rest of the block and can't wait to add it to the quilt.


dq said...

It is just as stunning as the rest! I can't hardly stop looking at it. Great job at finishing an old and challenging project! You inspire me!

I finally posted a picture of Jessi's quilt. It does not have a name yet, so I am open to suggestions.

dq said...

I just had to look at it again. I think your pinwheel is so stunning, but my favorite block is the blue one in the upper right corner. You can look at it so many different ways and see different things in it. At first I only saw the hexagon shape on the front in 3D but now all I focus on is the 3D "x" on the top. It looks like it is sitting on a mirror and it's reflection is on the bottom. So cool!

Cindy said...

Yes, wonderful job. I'm not there yet, still have the material in the bag from years ago.