Sunday, January 30, 2011

New to the mystery

Hi - I've just joined in on the mystery at the 'instigation' of one of my quilting buddies (Susan) who is also doing it. I've been quilting for over 30 years, and almost entirely work from my designs. I have a website where some of my patterns are offered for free, and am working towards getting submitting patterns for possible publication this year - a long time dream of mine.

The 'theme' that I'm working with is "Just use it up". Susan suggested this because I'm working with a set of FQ's that I've had forever and haven't used....and I want them used up and outta here. I've finished the first two parts and have added a picture to the right of what it looks like so far. In case you were wondering why these had sat in the stash for so long...I don't normally work with Pastels....Usually it's colors like red, white & blue or jewel tones..... However, I need a couple of baby quilts this year and I thought this might be a great one to work into one of those.
Looking forward to seeing what everyone else does.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Woods Mystery Rule #2

I think I have at least one real hexagon in my block. It's kinda primitive, but the members of this group are the only ones who will know what it was supposed to look like. LOL

Friday, January 28, 2011

Scarecrow 2

My scarecrow is celebrating valentines day!  Betty Boop is shyly looking away.  I printed a picture of my scarecrow onto fabric.  The hexagon flower is made from a freebie kit given to me at a LQS, it was to teach people how to do English paper piecing.  Not quite the right colors for this block but I am thinking scrappy!
I am going to sew the heart button on, or I am going to put something else in that corner.

Block #1 done: Deana's Quilted Barn

Can you see my flying geese?  There are 22.

I finally finished my first block.  The silo is paper-pieced.  It has 154 pieces in it so far and will have more when I complete it in another section to be added to the bottom.  I painted the top of the silo with fabric paints and did threadwork for the tree and bird.  I will maybe add some leaves later because I want an early autumn look.  The barn is paper pieced also.  I added the hexagon shaped window after rule #2 came out so this window would match the second block.


Block 2 teaser

I just had to go take a picture of the first row (? still to be determined!) of my block #2. this is going to be a very time consuming block - very tiny pieces. My theme is granny Annie's garden & the block will go underneath the sunflower block. I'll bet you can guess what it is.

steph's second block

whoops, I never did get around to posting my teaser, so here it is anyway...
This block was interesting for me... I picked fabrics out of the stash that were very very different from the ones I used on the first block.  So, it looks really different, but I do like it.  I decided to make a little pond for my forest, the hexis are rocks on the shore.  I baisically applique'd everything on this block.  I'm finding more and more that I like applique.  Well, here's the whole block.

Block 1 and 2

I didn't know if we were supposed to post a picture of the two blocks together yet, but I see that you all have, so I will too!

I really like how things are looking so far.

I realized, though, that I would need some more of the ivory fabric (which is actually GlacĂ©) and is an older fabric.  I found some online, though, so I'm excited about that.

Can't wait for the next step!

Everyone's blocks are so wonderful and I am loving reading about the process everyone is going through with this quilt. It's very intimate in a way, isn't it?

47 little hexies in my scrappy stash forest

see that bobbin on the left?  that gives a clue as to how big/small these hexies are.

what a process this was.  WOW, when i read the clue, i was hexies???  i don't do, i thought i would perhaps make one yellow one and make it be a sun in some appliqued trees.  then, i decided that that would be shortchanging myself in the concept of this quilt in learning new techniques etc....

so, i thought i could make a column for the left and right sides of the block and then applique some trees--and, i still might do that in another block, but once i got started on this by searching and printing a hexie template on wednesday afternoon and started cutting them out, i just decided to cut the whole sheet of hexies.

i have been trading postage stamps of fabrics for a while, so i have a huge selection.  i pulled out a whole lot of greens and started  cutting a stack of them around the templates and thengluing them down with a washable glue stick--easier for me than the stitching around.....before i knew it i had a huge, i started playing with them....the longest process was wetting them and taking the papers out once they were stitched together--

the end result is my block--all hand stitched together and all hand stitched down.  so, then i auditioned it on top of the first block--i think not--it looks too top heavy don't you think?  but, it does show that once a block is on top of it, that the sky above the trees will be a nice spot for a stitched saying, quote, or verse  ;o)

wouldn't it have been nice if i had rotated these before uploading it?

then, on the bottom....MUCH better.   and, it gives a nice balance.  gotta LOVE this concept ladies!  i am so blessed to be involved in this!  and, i can't wait to see what february first is gonna bring for a clue~

Carrie's Full Block #2

And I just realized TODAY is the 28th and I can show my entire block my excitement the date got away from me (that and my daughter being home form school 1/2 day!)

So, here is the full block #2:

The hexagon star is paper pieced, and then I pieced random strips of beige backgrounds around it log cabin style. Two skinny end borders finished it off into a 12x8 rectangle. Each and every fabric is a scrap.

Here are blocks #1 and #2 together.

Having them now pieced together makes me really like block #1 more...and I am prefectly giddy that I've bought nothing new and have already ended up with a colorful happy beginning to my Scrappy Anything.

Second block revealed

South Africa Flag
Woman carrying baby and basket

my lame heart

I kind of didn't want to put a hexagon into my quilt, but oh well gotta follow the rules. I tried to make it look like a heart.

Lyns 2nd block

Here is her second block. She figged with the rules again. Her tires are her version of hexagons.

This is Lyns first block

My mother-in-law asked me to post her progress for her.. So here is block #1 according to Lyn she put her flying geese in, but not what you would expect.

Carrie's Block #2 Teaser

Here is is and I love it, but I can only tease for now....what a super fun rule! I admit, it took a bit of thought at first, but once I got going, I just had to finish it. Came together really easily.

Can't wait to see what is up next.

Teaser Time: Deana

I REALLY wanted to post Block #1 today except I need to add a 2 3/4" section across the top.  Here is a sneak peak.  Also, I had an epiphany this morning and there is something else that MUST be added to this block before I can say it is complete for show.
Ok, my rule #2 block involves a cow.  It is partially pieced and will involve some handwork which is good because I will be spending today and tomorrow at a wrestling tournament.  (I LOVE WRESTLING and QUILTING so why not do them together?
It also involves a hand-made paper pieced pattern and many tiny little pieces.  One section is done.

Full Bird Block #2

Wow! What a bunch of early birds you all are! I'm very surprised at how many posts are already up! Here is my full #2 block. I hand pieced the little modified grandmother's flower garden then appliqued and crocheted the hummingbird on the flowers so she could get to the nectar. I'm not fully happy with how the bird looks. It seems a little long and skinny to me; but, like Marie, after all that work, I wasn't willing to redo it.

Here is the hummingbird block attached to the goose block. It isn't my usual style to have my blocks so busy. I hope I like it when it is all finished. I'm a little uncomfortable with it at this point and am planning to make my next block a little less "busy."
This is so much fun!!!!!!!

Marie's Optical Illusions Block 2

 I decided to do an Optical Illusion theme because I have been interested in optical illusions for a long time and I wanted a challenge.  Well, believe me, this block gave me a challenge.  I had fun with it, but it took a lot of thinking, measuring, planning, etc.  The perfectionist in me told me to do it over because it isn't perfect, but the tired person in me told me that it is o.k. and I chose to listen to the tired person.

You may notice (well, you will now) that my first block has a black border around it.  It wasn't in the first picture I posted.  I want the optical illusions that I build to float on the black background and so I was going to make each block and leave off the border then add it as a sashing between the blocks so that I didn't have so many seams.  It seemed like a good idea until I made the second block, and realized that in some cases this plan wouldn't work; so I'm going to border all of my blocks then sew them together.  I guess the extra seams will serve as a guide when I'm quilting--or something like that.

Block 2 along with block 1

The day to post our second block has arrived. This is so exciting, as now we get to see what the blocks look like in full form. The teasers have been really fun, and I suggest we post all the rest of our work with the teaser 1st.
Here is my second block. Again, the black spot, but I was able to get it positioned to see the hexagon.
This block is really a left-over from my stack-n-whack from last summer. I had to modify it a bit, as the original blocks are 10 inches, and the contrasting colors did not match this quilt theme. So I took the block apart, stacked it back together, trimmed down 1/2 inch on every side, and sewed it back together. I changed the inserts to match this color scheme and added the borders. My next challenge was to make the rectangle from the hexagon. As you can see, it all worked out.
I chose to add it to the bottom of my 1st block, and here it is with both blocks sewn together. Again, it is a bit blurry, but you get the idea of what I have so far!

Ann Marie's clue #2

Ok here is block #2 a star in a star using star in a star fabric I found, and purple fabric with stars too!  This entire block started out completely different, and ended like this. It is all machine appliqued on, I just wish I had know I was appliqueing before the pieces were cut so I cut of put some Steam-A-Seam on the back, I cheated by using little squares and keeping my fingers crossed for the best when sewing all those pieces on. I think it has a fun and funky feel to it, and it didn't give me problems like the first one did. I have decided I am going to try something new on every step with this quilt, so by the time we are done, I should have learned A LOT!

 Here are both blocks sewn together............

Tamera's Block 2

Here is block two.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

I really debated how I was going to do it, then I saw a similar block (with two fabrics) on someone's blog and I made a test block similar to it.  I mulled it over for a few days, then I thought I'd make it with four fabrics to represent the four major colors in the Shangri-La line that I'm using.

Can't wait to see everyone else's Block 2!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

my scrappy forest #2 teaser

i am thrilled that we get to show our blocks tomorrow, and i guess, technically, it already IS tomorrow somewhere, but alas, it is still today here for a few more hours, so i will wait...

i had a blast with this technique.  i did not think i was going to, but i really did.  and, apparently i did a great job because when my 14 y/o dd saw it tonite as i was STILL working on it, she exclaimed "WOW!!!  that is legit!!!"  now, i don't know if that is a popular slang term for WAY past cool, totally fantastic, and is right on in your area, but in ours one of the highest compliments that a teen can give you is to call something legit!  so, i guess my block rocks, and that is all the preview you are gonna get LOL

Full Block #2 - released officially 10 minutes after midnight!

EST, but still, it's after midnight, so it's the 28th! Friday's going to be a busy day, so you can wake up to my block. I love, love, love the way this turned out. I plan to fancy stitch it, just haven't had a chance yet. I hope you like it, too. The photo is an authentic civil war picture of a woman of the times.

Ann Marie's teaser clue #2

My theme is star in a star, can you see that on the white fabric??? Couldn't believe it when I was looking through the whites, and look even a star on the purple too.................

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Carrie's Block #1Finally!

 Here is my scrappy flying geese block #1.

Now, I used a cool block pattern and used it (it's block #1 from the Blogger's Blockapalooza that just started). Anyway, best laid plans...I picked out my scraps, laid them all out and pieced everything and was sew happy!

Then I saw that a pair of geese were flying the WRONG WAY! (The geese in the center right should be flying toward the right, not toward the center.) Instead of ripping them out and redoing, I am embracing this happy accident and calling my block "Doing Your Own Thing".

The block is super duper scrappy, but what fun pulling out my many scraps and remembering what fabric is leftover from what project! Not one new piece of fabric in this block - whoo hoo!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Rule 2 full release...

The Daughters of Dorinda have consulted and decided to allow a full release of rule #2 blocks on Friday Jan 28th.  We are just dying to see them!!!

We still want to STRONGLY encourage "teaser" releases up until then because they are so fun!!!

Tamera's Teaser

Here's my teaser for block two.

Wow!  I really had to use my noggin on this one, but I'm really happy with the way it turned out.

I can't wait to show everyone the whole block, he he he!  I'm just like a kid that can't wait to show his pals his new toy!

Is anyone else having fun with this????

Marie's Optical Illusions Block #2 Teaser

I finished my second block, so here is the teaser.  Can you guess what the rest looks like?

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Look at the progress we have all made! Just yesterday Marie and I were wondering if something was wrong with our computers because it had been 3 days since a posting of new blocks, the WHAM. 5 new postings.
If you are wondering what the statistics are, there are currently 25 people doing the mystery quilt. As of right now, there are 16 people who have completed the first rule (block) and 6 who have posted a peek at number 2.
And, if you look at the widget tracking the people looking at the blog....almost 3200 visits from 16 countries. Isn't that amazing?
I HATED statistics in school, but I LOVE to follow and track the numbers of things I am involved in.
For the rest of you, rah, rah, rah, you can do it... to finish up and post your rule #1. We can then look at the whole #2 and see how they have been added to #1.

lynne's scrappy stash forest block #1

look at all the pine trees in my forest! 

i am really happy with how it turned out, very scrappy.  i had originally made a strip of 12 geese flying across the tops of the trees.  i made these before i made any of the trees of course...needless to say, the geese across the sky will hopefully fulfill another step of this quilt LOL coz they sure are not going to go on this block.  i also had wanted to stitch a verse in the sky.  that is still a possibility, but for now, this block looks busy enough to me with the 27 2 in. x 1 in. geese in the trees....i am really pleased--even with the wonky ones!!  i really want to see what is coming next!  can't wait!

Ann Marie's rule #1

Oh I am glad it is done. I am not happy with it. But I am not fixing it either. I made this block because I wanted to learn to do the curved flying geese. No problem it is paper pieced, except I forgot to make sure I had enough for seam allowances on both sides. So that means cut off points. :(  I also ripped more stitches out of this block on the rest of it, than I have put into full lap size quilts. If it looks wavy, it is, it does not lay flat either, I think it is because the inner circle needed to be 1/4 inch bigger..............URGHHHH!!! But it is done, and I am using it. My New Years Resolution was to use up all my scraps this year, this block added more scraps to those bins, that I actually have left in the block. Oh well, it will be a great story to tell when it is in the middle of the quilt, crooked at that. So here is the block that has given me more problems than I have ever had before. Let clue #2 come my way, because I am not going to make this one so dang hard on myself.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Desertsky Susan - Rule 2

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's . . . well, what is it, anyway?

Pam's Woods Mystery

I have finally finished my first block with the geese, but I cannot seem to get my picture to load. I was so excited to have it finished so I could get the next rule. Everyon's blocks look so nice.

I was able to load Pam's picture.  Good Job, Pam!!

First Block Completed

Well here is my first block, a lovely sunflower for my garden with lots of flying geese admiring it! Can't wait to start the second one.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bird Block #2 Finished!

Here is a peek at my second bird, a ruby throated hummingbird. Looking forward to revealing the whole block. It was a lot of work!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Hello - I am Carrie of crickets studio and I just found this mystery tonight! My theme is "scrappy anything" because I love samplers. and trying new techniques. Having a stash of fabrics that needs serious reducing is where the scrappy part comes in. Also, I find scrappy quilts so warm and snuggly.

Have to catch up...can't wait to see everyone's quilts develop!


Tamera's First Block

I finished my first block!  I think it turned out pretty nice.

As you can see, I went a little overboard on the flying geese, lol.

Can't wait for the next step!

Hope everyone else had a good day.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Desertsky - Block #1 - Civil War Theme

First, I made a really elaborate design, drew it all out on graph paper, marked lights and darks and mediums, marked sizes and how many, outlined tricky parts in pink highlighter so I would remember what the unit was. Second, I took it to the sewing room and started to look at fabrics for cutting. Suddenly, I said to myself, "What is wrong with you? Are you completely crazy or just trying to be?"

Third, I put away the drawing for another day (when I've lost all my good sense, I suppose) and decided that with a theme of Civil War and being a traditionalist, I needed to make a traditional block which was around during the war. I dug around and found a fabric which had a nice piece I could fussy cut (without losing half the fabric) and found this Quilt for a Cause from the first line of that name, several years ago. Technically, it isn't Civil War reproduction fabric, but the designs fit right in, so I use it interchangeably. This bird fabric, particularly, is very CW chintz-like. With that as the center, I used another in the line for the lights and a Thimbleberries from their Cover Story line, bought on the same day as the others, to go with them.

Here's what all that thinking produced:

Second block finished

Here is a peek at my second block. It was kind of a challenge for me.

Peek! scarecrow2

Peek a boo!  Just a little glimpe of block 2!

Teaser for block 2

I woke up with a start this morning, from a dream I was having. I could not go back to sleep, so got up and got busy finishing my block. That quieted down my psychie so I could accomplish the many somethings that are on my to-do list today.
The new lens came and the picture is more clear, but when I zoom in I get this black spot, and it it not my thumb. Have to play with it a little more.