Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Carrie's Block #1Finally!

 Here is my scrappy flying geese block #1.

Now, I used a cool block pattern and used it (it's block #1 from the Blogger's Blockapalooza that just started). Anyway, best laid plans...I picked out my scraps, laid them all out and pieced everything and was sew happy!

Then I saw that a pair of geese were flying the WRONG WAY! (The geese in the center right should be flying toward the right, not toward the center.) Instead of ripping them out and redoing, I am embracing this happy accident and calling my block "Doing Your Own Thing".

The block is super duper scrappy, but what fun pulling out my many scraps and remembering what fabric is leftover from what project! Not one new piece of fabric in this block - whoo hoo!!!!


dq said...

A big congrats to ya, Carrie, and I LOVE it! Scrappy is very much my thing!! Maybe some of your geese got tired on their journey North for the winter and decided to take a closer, alternate route South.

I just emailed the Rule #2 instructions, so watch for them and enjoy playing with it.

Ann T. said...

I love it! Your mistake is actually very attractive. They are coming back to meet their gaggle. Along with everything else you are doing, I am amazed at your creativity.

Felicity said...

If you didnt mention anything I wouldn't have even known that they were backwards.. I like it!

Betty C said...

I believe that geese can be very unpredictable.