Thursday, January 13, 2011


I've never made Flying Geese into an optical illusion before; so I was hoping it would turn out, and mostly I'm pleased with it.  Here it is:

Can you see the flying geese?  There are 8 of them.  They have a few more pieces to them than most flying geese but they are there.  If you can't see them follow the process and you'll pick them out.

First I did some strip piecing,

then some cutting,

then I sewed  the pieces together

and here is a flying geese (goose?)

 and now 8 flying geese

and then rearrange and here is my block.

Now I can't wait to get the next bock rule and see what challenge it will bring.

If you are interested in the pattern I used, it came from Clothworks and is called "Shades".   You can find it here:


Felicity said...

I love it! I love the solid colors you used too. It will be fun seeing your quilt through the process.

dq said...

All I can say is triple WOW! It is a fantastic block and a great interpretation of the flying geese. I will email the next rule right away.

Ann T. said...

WOW, WOW, WOW, LOVE IT!!! You are going to love the next one too, it is right up your alley!

Tracy said...

Your block is very stunning. I will enjoy watching your theme develop into a beautiful and stunning project.

dorine said...

Oh my, I was going to saw Wow!, but it has already been said. That is wonderful! I love all the variety we are getting. Wish I had your attention to detail. It will be an amazing quilt. Love you!!

lynne said...


for me to be speechless is probably the highest compliment i can pay. i am speechless.

Tamera said...

What a WONDERFUL use of "the rule."

I have a friend that LOVES optical illusion quilts and she would LOVE that block!

Trish said...

I had to go look at the directions. I love your block the best. If I had seen these directions first, I would not be impressed with it! What a great job you did!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing the process!