Friday, January 28, 2011

Block 2 along with block 1

The day to post our second block has arrived. This is so exciting, as now we get to see what the blocks look like in full form. The teasers have been really fun, and I suggest we post all the rest of our work with the teaser 1st.
Here is my second block. Again, the black spot, but I was able to get it positioned to see the hexagon.
This block is really a left-over from my stack-n-whack from last summer. I had to modify it a bit, as the original blocks are 10 inches, and the contrasting colors did not match this quilt theme. So I took the block apart, stacked it back together, trimmed down 1/2 inch on every side, and sewed it back together. I changed the inserts to match this color scheme and added the borders. My next challenge was to make the rectangle from the hexagon. As you can see, it all worked out.
I chose to add it to the bottom of my 1st block, and here it is with both blocks sewn together. Again, it is a bit blurry, but you get the idea of what I have so far!


dq said...

I recognized it IMMEDIATELY from your stack n wack quilt last summer!! What is so funny is that when I saw the teaser I honestly could see the edges of a flag. I had NO IDEA this is what you made. The teasers were so much fun.

Good job on capturing autumn in the colors.

annmarie said...

Wow that is really nice. I love how your BG fabric brings the 2 blocks together.

Marie said...

I recognize that fabric. Your block is beautiful.

Ann T. said...

Marie, I thought you might. Felicity and Deana too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, interesting fabrics. I am very curious how your theme will be carried out. Thanks for teasing my interest!