Monday, January 17, 2011

Desertsky - Block #1 - Civil War Theme

First, I made a really elaborate design, drew it all out on graph paper, marked lights and darks and mediums, marked sizes and how many, outlined tricky parts in pink highlighter so I would remember what the unit was. Second, I took it to the sewing room and started to look at fabrics for cutting. Suddenly, I said to myself, "What is wrong with you? Are you completely crazy or just trying to be?"

Third, I put away the drawing for another day (when I've lost all my good sense, I suppose) and decided that with a theme of Civil War and being a traditionalist, I needed to make a traditional block which was around during the war. I dug around and found a fabric which had a nice piece I could fussy cut (without losing half the fabric) and found this Quilt for a Cause from the first line of that name, several years ago. Technically, it isn't Civil War reproduction fabric, but the designs fit right in, so I use it interchangeably. This bird fabric, particularly, is very CW chintz-like. With that as the center, I used another in the line for the lights and a Thimbleberries from their Cover Story line, bought on the same day as the others, to go with them.

Here's what all that thinking produced:


Felicity said...

I love it! I love the color choice and how the birds are arranged in it. Cant wait to see your next block.

Ann T. said...

Oh Susan, the fabric and colors are beautiful!!! I love it!!!

dq said...

I am a big fan of civil war fabrics and the history. I am making a Dear Jane quilt and have regretted that I am not using civil war fabrics for it, but I'm already on row 4 or 5, so I won't change.

Your block and workmanship are beautiful.

dorine said...

Breathtaking!! Keep up the good work!!

Tamera said...

What BEAUTIFUL focus fabric!