Friday, January 28, 2011

Full Bird Block #2

Wow! What a bunch of early birds you all are! I'm very surprised at how many posts are already up! Here is my full #2 block. I hand pieced the little modified grandmother's flower garden then appliqued and crocheted the hummingbird on the flowers so she could get to the nectar. I'm not fully happy with how the bird looks. It seems a little long and skinny to me; but, like Marie, after all that work, I wasn't willing to redo it.

Here is the hummingbird block attached to the goose block. It isn't my usual style to have my blocks so busy. I hope I like it when it is all finished. I'm a little uncomfortable with it at this point and am planning to make my next block a little less "busy."
This is so much fun!!!!!!!


dq said...


Your work and design is exquisit! You really took the hexagon technique AND the "rectangle theme feature with applique" in it rule to heart. I really LOVE your humming bird. The striped fabric is adding a nice touch to both of your blocks.

Marie said...

Wow, and wow again! Your hummingbird looks just like the ones in my yard in the summertime, and I love it. It's very clever how you used the hexagon flower for the bird. Love it. Your fabrics are beautiful.

Ann T. said...

I love it too. You are so clever. Love the hexagon flower centers and I really love the hummingbird. Your fabric is all pretty busy, so when you use such combinations, it looks even busier, but the contrast are beautiful, and I would not stray too much from that.
And the only reason I was up that early is that Jennie had to be to work 1 1/2 hours early and so I got Hayden 1 1/2 hrs early. I even had my shower before they got here.

annmarie said...

Your hummingbird is very nice and what better way to display it than sipping from a hexie flower!

Anonymous said...

That's great! I love how these two go together.