Friday, July 31, 2015

Bev's Blocks

Bev has made blocks for each row.

Nothing like waiting until the very last minute!

Finally got my block done. Just had way too much to do this month.  I have enjoyed looking at all the wonderful blocks that everyone has made so far.

House #2 - Done :)

Number 2 is done. On to Number 3, after that the embellishments :)

One Spring house done

Hopefully I will catch up with the rest of the row.

Marian's Spring House Blocks and Americana Row

Boy Oh Boy, I hope I'm doing this right. I've never made an actual post to Blogger before.. Being a wordpress gal, I'm very use to that, so this is brand new to me.

This is my Americana Row

I love love love how this row turned out.. It is the complete row, but my space is somewhat limited, so I just folded it up enough to show parts of the row.

Village House 1

This definitely needs something in the window sills, so I'll be working on some embroidery for that soon, otherwise, this block looks better in real life than it does the picture.

Village House 2
Tis weird, I had stabilizer behind the window on my door here, but I think I shouldn't have used such a heavy one, it gets a little crinkly in the stitching when you tear the stabilizer away. I did use the triple stitch tho also on my machine to make the lines in the window part of the door.

Village House 3

I plan to embroider something in the windows, maybe a vase with flowers or a lamp perhaps.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

Another Spring House

Marlene made this little house.  It is amazing that she has it done because she just joined the group and received the pattern two nights ago.

Rows Completed

 I finished the  first row of the Spring Quilt Along and love the way it turned out.  I made a few little quilts and a few little aprons to go on the clothes lines.

 First I made all 8 of these fireworks blocks and then I re-looked at the picture and had a palm to the forehead moment.  Duh!  

The next attempt went much better.  I had a little trouble seeing the different shading for the different colors.

I made the next row just after the first fireworks and I like the way they turned out.

However I'm going to redo them in the same fabric line I used for the second set of fireworks.  I'll probably get them done tomorrow just in time for the new rows to come out.  Maybe I'll make a pillow out of these....

Deb's Americana Blocks

Deb has made a  block in each Americana row.

Sheila = 2 more houses

Sheila finished the other two houses for her row.

Sue's "Colors of Liberty"

Sue found time to get a block done.

Lynne has a firework star and two houses done.

Lynne's firework star.
Lynne's houses.  Blogger wants to turn it sideway. Sorry.

Pat V has a block done.

Here is Pat's  pink house with a cat inside.

one done

I was able to finish one last night and am working on more today.

Kris -- Americana 1 & 2

Hi all!  I am a late addition to the QAL, but just could not resist.  What a wonderful pattern.  Thanks so much for including me.

I managed to get one of each block made, but will get on track in August, I hope.  I even got excited and made an extra flag.  WooHoo!

Spring Row

My favorite house, traditional materials in France


Spring Row x Row - one lonely house

This is the first house in the subdivision.  The builders must be on strike.  I had fun making this block.   I am happy how it turned out.  My house is most traditional in its construction materials.  I do love the other houses, using fabrics that got you out of the box.

So this house is kinda cool since I was finally able to cut into a panel of windows and doors which I bought several years ago.  It had been sitting in my stash with nothing to do.

Thank you, Deanna, for a great project with great instructions.

Lorri is doing both quilts!

Lorri finished a block in the spring row quilt and the first row in the Americana quilt.

Frances has a row done

Frances has a row completed.

Sue's House

Sue has completed one house.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Under pressure . . . under the wire . . .

First house for the spring row completed.
On to number two.


Dorine's Third House

I have finished the strip with spring houses.  Here are the second and third houses with a quilt between.
I noticed others put flowers in their window boxes.  I want to do that, but I haven't found the right fabric yet.  Will keep looking!!

Here is part of my row. I was afraid I wasn't going to get it done this time around as I have had an infection in my finger that has really cramped my style. But, it is almost better (6 weeks later) and with a little Motrin... I know one of my stripes is going the wrong direction, but when you use up scraps, that sometimes happens. :-)  

Rina's Americana Block

Rina has completed a "Colors of Liberty" block. It looks great!

Susan: One Lonely Sort of Fireworks

So, I really don't like paper-piecing. I find it frustrating and stressful. I've seen all the videos, I've done multiple different patterns, but I avoid it like the plague, except for the pineapple quilt block, which is all straight line sewing and strip cutting, no big deal. I actually printed out the paper pattern for Deana's design, but I looked at it and knew I would never do it.

I began some improv piecing from my scraps and this block is okay. I realized afterward that in my zeal to get some sky into the middle of the fireworks, I made it look a little funny, but that puppy is done and not a single stitch is coming out!

My 6.5" firework:


Sheila's house

Here is Sheila's Spring House:

Monday, July 27, 2015

Doric Cat has completed a row!

Another row completed by another Spring member.

Another cute little house...

My first house 


Clair's houses

Clair has completed two houses in her spring row.  This is what she said about them, "I am loving your house patterns and  so far I have made the first two. "

Americana Row - DONE !!!

Well, it's taken the whole month, but I've finished the row.

You'll have to excuse the wrinkles on the unmade bed, it was the only place big enough to show the whole row.

Once I got my fabric choices made the row went together beautifully. I'm very happy with it.

I just wanted to let everyone who has posted know that all of your rows are beautiful. I don't get a chance to comment on everyone's postings.

Thanks Deana :)

Question -

Just to make sure, for the Americana QAL, is the Row 2 actually August's block that we got ahead of time, or did we get a 2-for-1 for July and will get Row 3 for August?

In other words, is it OK if we only did one of those sets for this month?  ;D

House 2 - Paula

Hello all.
Here is my second house done. 

And my first house again, but now, with some flower embelishments.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Houses almost done

Here are my 3 houses that are almost done:) I still need to make and hang the quilts, but I would like to give that some more thought. I did add flowers to the boxes but that makes the green one boring. I'll need to add some flowers here too!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Americana rows 1 & 2 complete

I have my rows complete. I still have the love/hate relationship with paper piecing, but I still love the finished product. I am doing a throw size quilt, so no spacers between the stars and only 4 sets of flag/hearts. 
As I said before, the fabric is some I have collected over the past several years, and some is left over from other projects, so there is a big variety of pieces. Some of it I got before I learned to appreciate the quality of fabrics, and I can definitely feel the difference while working with it.

Lara B.'s Row 1

These stars are what drew me immediately to Deana's quilt.  I went with Twinkly and finished the eight blocks for row one, but will wait to sew them together.

Friday, July 24, 2015

First House Spring QAL - Paula

Hello everyone.

I'm Paula Louceiro from Brazil.
I have always admired the work of Deana and I am very happy to participate in this QAL.
I joined the Spring QAL late, July 21.
My first house was completed today and I'm thinking about embroidery flowers in windows boxes.