Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Americana QAL: first block done

Hello everyone! 

This is my first time joining a QAL like this! I am very excited!

I am a person that cannot follow the rules, I have to put my own twist in everything... so even if I decided to join, I won't make the row quilt, but I will set the block in some other ways (don't know how yet), but I wanted to use this QAL as an excuse to use up some orphan blocks I had in my closet for quite a while and never found a project for them... until now!

So I set the first blocks in a "square" setting and my block turned up like this!

I was so excited to finish it up, that I chopped few points here and there... but I submitted my block to the careful inspection of my fellow sewing helper (Pumpkin) that, after some consideration said:

 "Yes, the block is just great as it is!
It makes a great little blanket,
now let me continue my nap" :)

Looking forward to see all your wonderful and inspiring creations!!

Alida (TweLoQ)


Edith Csokmay said...

love your adaptation !!!

dq said...

It is a great arrangement! I really like your background fabric and also the larger print in the outer spikes of your firework star. It gives it some life or something.

Lara B. said...

It's fun to see how well you have adapted Deana's blocks for a different layout! Looks great!

Ann T. said...

Very cute adaption!

Betty C said...

It is looking really good.