Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pam's Woods Mystery Without Borders and Quilting

I thought I would just go ahead and post my top. It is still a mystery to my husband. I have tried to explain, but he just doesn't get it. LOL I guess only a quilter could appreciate it. Since he likes greens and browns, this will still probably be one of his favorites!

Pam's Woods Mystery - Rule 14 and 15

This one didn't turn out quite like I imagined it. With hindsight, I should have made the pinwheels with light and dark green instead of greens and blues. They are supposed to be tall trees! I appliqued the trunks with wool felt and embroidery thread.

There was only one rule for 15 and it was to use no pink. I told myself that would be easy because I am using browns and greens mostly. I was just about finished putting all the squares together when I realized that some of my browns had pink in them. I had good intentions. I actually made rules 14 and 15 alike. Below is a picture of them joined. Betty gave me one of her dimentional blocks from an earlier rule because she thought it looked like a tent. I appliqued the tent in the center of the trees where rules 14 and 15 are joined.
I really have enjoyed participating in this mystery. This was a good exercise in creativity and design and certainly took me outside my "quilting box." Everyone did a fabulous job with their mysteries. I am looking forward to seeing all of the finished designs.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scarecrow 14 & 15

This will be the top of my quilt.  I broke the rules on this one.  I wanted to extend the tree from earlier clue so I did it the best I could.  That meant changing the size of rules 14 & 15.   I had found a vest at goodwill store so I wanted to use the scarecrows from it in the quilt somewhere but these scarecrows were pretty big.  Part of the design was knitted right into the sweater and parts of it are appliqued on, so I had to cut around the entire design to use it in the quilt.  I appliqued them each onto big pieces of flannel so that I could have one in each upper corner of the quilt.  The blackbirds were here and there on the vest so I cut them off the sweater and put them in the tree.  I had to laugh at myself because the whole time I was making the tree I was trying to think of something to put in it besides leaves.  While I was cutting up the vest , I was thinking the extra birds are cute,  I should find a place in the quilt for them.
Now I need to attach this section to the rest of the quilt and make some borders.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bird Border

I have the border on!  I found this cute striped fabric that is made to go with my other basic fabrics.  Some of the flowers are exactly like the ones in the flower print, and the colors all match.  I simply put the border on three sides and mitered the corners.

It's hard to get a really good shot that shows what it looks like in total, and the bed we have here is a Hollywood king, so it doesn't fit properly, but you get the idea.  I will now put this quilt away until we get home in September and quilt it next winter.  Meanwhile, I brought along another one that I can work on when I have the time.  I'm hoping to see more of you come to conclusion this month!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lyn's Winter Mystery - almost there

Lyn has had her block finished for several weeks but has had no way to get it posted.  Isn't it beautiful?
Below is the whole block.
Here is where it goes with the entire quilt.