Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Another swap block from Deana

I have decided to add this one to the list.  It will be number 39.

I will be changing the thread color before it leaves because it blends in too much with the spool color.

It is hard to let them go, but I figure that I can always make a duplicate because I have the fabrics to do it.

Machine 3

I really debated on this one. 
This one is to swap.

Cindy's swap block plus 3 keeper blocks to show

Hi. My blocks are below. I'm swapping the Salmon and green block. The rest are mine as I made some errors on the blocks. The one I'm swapping is the best out of the four I made, although it's still not perfect. I will try my best again next month, and hopefully do better. I love bright, clear colors, as you can see. 

Pedal Pusher is for the swap.

These three are keepers.

Liz has a sewing machine to swap!

It is not yet the witching hour, so here is my block. Doing the block was fun, but figuring out how to get the picture was not. Ended up taking it with my computer camera, so the colors are terrible. The block is a pretty drab green with salmon aqua and blue flowers.

Susan: Embellished Update

Machine is now threaded! I was cutting apart some plaid thrift store shirts and the tag in one of them was a ribbon that seemed meant for this machine, even the print color being right! So here's what will actually be mailed to whomever gets block 22.

Good Vibrations are coming from Linda and Denise

Add these two blocks to the list for the swap.

Linda's Block

Denise's Block

Marilyn's block

Marilyn emailed me this darling sewing machine! This is the block she will swap for this month.

3 Blocks to Swap

This has been a really fun and learning experience. This is the first time I have needle turned applique, and I might add - "Loved It". Here are the three blocks I will be swapping with you. I have seen all the blocks posted and I think they are all so unique and it looks like everyone is really putting a great effort into fabric selection and quality. 
"Sewing Basket"

The following three blocks I will be keeping

I can not wait to see what I end up with. I hope who ever gets my offerings enjoys them.
Take care everyone! Get ready to "Rotary".

Jules McTools

Monday, September 29, 2014

Good Vibratioin block from Frances.

I am attaching a copy of  my September sewing machine block for exchange. It has been a learning  experiene because it has been a long time since I attempted hand applique. Thank you. It was fun.
Looking forward to Octobers pattern.

Lyn's swap block

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blocks are numbered in preparation for the random swap!

The blocks are listed in order by number as I received them either by a blog post or by email.  On Wednesday, October 1st, I will use an online random organizer app to reorder them randomly.  Each of your names will be listed alphabetically and matched up with the randomized number order to determine which block you get.  Those who made more than one block will have their names listed for each block they made.  For example, Ann made 4 blocks so her name will be listed four times and she will receive 4 blocks in return.  
 I will update these photos as new blocks are made from members.  You can find the post updated in the link in the sidebar.  I am aware of three more participants who have blocks nearly ready to post Two were struggling because of the correction I made to Machine 3 and the other has not yet decided which one she wants to give away.  There are still 11 more members who signed up but have not posted blocks yet, so the numbers could still rise over the next couple of days.

Everyone who finishes a block for swapping by midnight, September 30th, will receive the next month's pattern for free.  I am SO EXCITED to see which cute little machine I will get.  They are all darling! 

One more thing...please check the sidebar and let me know if I have made any errors in who made blocks and the number of blocks you have made.

Thank you for participating!

moira -2 completed blocks for September.

Finished off my block this afternoon and got the buttons onto both blocks before heading into work at the store.

Top block is the one I'm swapping, and the bottom one is mine.  Yes it looks a wee bit different and that would because I forgot to attach one section before fusing the body on.   Good thing i'd planned on keeping

Sewing machine blocks

This is the block I will give to the swap:  The pink isn't really that bright of a fabric as this picture shows.
 This is the block I will keep because it was my "practice" block.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sewing machine #6: Cathy

I finished up my last sewing machine block today.

This is another one I'm keeping.  Can't wait to get these all put together!

Moira - block for swapping done.....

Got my block for swapping this month done!   Being sick all of the month made me later than I would have liked to be.   I still want to make one for me, but I won't be hand appliquing the machine body down, instead I'll use fusible applique and a buttonhole stitch for it.  I still need to get the dial on there, but haven't decided whether I'm going to applique something or use a big button......hmmmm.

Machine 3 Pattern Correction

It was just pointed out to me that machine 3 cutting instructions for the "F" pieces are incorrect.  I must have been thinking the wheel on this machine was paper pieced like the others so I made the pieces larger than they needed to be.  Cut the two "F" pieces down to 1" x 1 1/4". 

Thank you!

By the way, for anyone still trying to get a machine finished in time, I think Machine 3 is the fastest because there are only 2 paper pieced units in it.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Edith's Good Vibrations Block

I have an update on my block - I'm just one of those people who can't leave well enough alone :)  I've attached it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meet Lucy and her Good Vibration blocks

I have made 4 blocks – 2 to exchange (one of each kind).
I don’t have a blog or anything, so here is the photo.

I took the liberty of cropping her photo for the group photo, so I decided to post them.

Susan: One Machine to Swap

I have made two, but one is not sewn down, and I didn't use the swap rules. I'll be appliqueing it by machine with a buttonhole stitch. This is the one for swapping, with hand applique. I do plan to stitch in the thread lines, but that will be next week. Just like in real life, the table under my machine is slightly tilted. =P

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sewing Machine 1

I forgot to embroidery the needle in but before I send this I will get it finished. 

Pam's Good Vibrations Block

Swap block for Quilter's Garden

Pam was having trouble posting to the blog so I thought I would help her out.  I hope it is ok.

October Mystery Revealed

It is time to release the October mystery for the Quilter's Garden.  I am calling it "Rotaries in Bloom".  The pattern and instructions will be released via email to participants on October 1st.

A row will look like this if you are making a throw size.  Queen size will have an extra block.

Remember, you must make a sewing machine block to swap in September in order to receive the "Rotaries in Bloom" pattern for October.  Late comers are welcome but will have to purchase past patterns they missed or come up with their own rows.

We have about 1 week left before the window closes on the sewing machine swap, so get those photos posted or emailed to me to participate.  I can't wait to see them!

Monday, September 22, 2014

More Sewing Machine Blocks: Cathy

I got a few more sewing machines done this weekend.  First are these little cuties!  I love this fabric.  Deanna, these guys are so much fun to make!

This one is for the swap (I think!  I'm sending in the one that is better made):
And this one I'm keeping:
I also made this one to keep:
I'm done with blocks for the swap but still have one more to make for my quilt.  I want one of each machine for my version.  

Joining Along

Thanks to Cathy Smith, I am looking forward to joining along on this journey. I so enjoy the relationships that develop through the love of quilting. What a novel idea, "A Quilter's Garden". Will have to see how I can conjure this one up in my real garden. Better get on the stick and get my blocks started, the 30th is coming up fast and I want to be in the swap.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Deana: Around the World Blog Hop

Your stop today on the "Around the World Blog Hop" is Cleveland, Utah.  It is a tiny little town of 500 and most Utahns have not even heard of it.   

Thank you Moira, from The Quilted Snail, for the invitation to participate.  I met Moira when she joined the 2011 DOD Mystery.   I have since learned that Moira loves to design and has effectively saved many orphan blocks of late as she has put them into finished projects.  Good girl Moira!

This blog was created by the Daughters of Dorinda for a mystery design project we did back in 2011.  For this project each member chose a theme for their own quilt.  Each member also submitted "rules".  Each month a new rule and technique were drawn and a size was determined.  Each person made a block for their own quilt of that size, rule, and technique.  We all had to be very creative as we designed our own quilts.  If you have any interest in reading the rules, they can be found at the links below:
Click the DOD mystery link to see all of the wonderful quilts and blog posts that were made from this project.

Now a new DOD mystery is underway with very different rules.    It is called Quilter's Garden and currently has 30 participants.  This blog is the home of that project.  I, Deana, am designing a row quilt this time and will release a new pattern for a new row each month.  We began this month, so it is still not too late to join in the fun.  Some members are making a row quilt, offered in two sizes, while others are just making a Quilter's Garden sampler.  The detailed rule list can be found here, but the main thing is you have to make at least one block a month to swap but you can make more.  To get the next month's pattern, you must post your swap block on or before the last day of the month.

Below is a photo of the blocks that have been submitted for the swap thus far.

As part of the "Around the World Blog Hop" I have been asked to answer some questions.

1.  What have I been working on? 
Let me refer you to my personal blog for that answer at this link.
As far as the Quilter's Garden group is concerned, we are all making cute little sewing machine blocks.  There are four machine patterns to choose from and participants can make and swap any one they desire.  I just cut out 4 more blocks today as shown below.
 The photo below is a sneak peak of strips cut for the next mystery in the Quilter's Garden ROW swap.

2- How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Versatility is my thing.  Some quilters favor applique or foundation piecing or whatever, but I just do it all and mix it all together.  I think the variety really keeps me entertained.  I hand quilt; machine quilt; hand embroidery; do curved, foundation, folded insert, and strip piecing; applique using a variety of methods, and anything else I can get my needle into.  I have played with fabric dyeing and painting as well as thread work/thread painting.  I am a jack of all trades and master of none.
3- Why do I write/create what I do?

Pure pleasure!  It just makes me happy. 

4- How does my writing/creative process work?

When I feel a surge of ideas coming on is when I start designing.  Sometimes fabric inspires me, but mostly I obtain inspiration from trying a new technique.  I love to learn any and all techniques and have learned that just watching or reading about it is not enough.  I always "try" it before I decide it is not for me.  There is something about experiencing a new technique, hands on, that helps me to accept it.  Once I learn something new, ideas begin to flow with what I can do with it in my own designs.

I love to design with a theme in mind.  Years ago I designed several Row quilts; I am now working to get the patterns PDF converted and available at Etsy and Craftsy.

To move the "Around the World Blog Hop" along, I have tagged Jan at QuiltWalkTalk, so go check her post out next Monday.  I have followed her blog for many years and love all of the wonderful photos she posts from guild finishes.  Following her blog is like visiting a new quilt show frequently.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lorri's Good Vibrations Block

Not the best picture-took with my phone- yellow background with brown round spots and grey  flowers on machine. waiting for my computer back yet-hope this works OK'. Decal says Sunshine Cottage.