Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hi everyone,

Wow, how does she do it?  So many sewers from all over the world.  I am honored and thrilled to be a part of  so many talented friends and strangers who are about to become my friends.  

Besides sewing (quilting being tops) I love reading-to learn, 4-wheeling, horse riding, camping, gardening, cleaning (yes, that is cleaning) genealogy, walking, hiking and biking, music (real music that uplifts and is not too loud-not the rappy, hard rock that some call music) which includes singing, playing the piano and organ. Especially I am fond of being with and visiting with my husband and children and grandchildren.  They are such a blessing! We have 6 sons and as of date 18 grandchildren.  

I live just about four miles from Deanna.  I have lived in Utah all of my life and love it.  I have also traveled some and think the world in general speaks for our Creator's brilliance and love for us.  I am grateful for all of the opportunities, talents, health, home, freedoms and family that He has given to me personally.  But mostly I have grateful for a loving, patient Savior who has atoned for each and every one of us.  My most precious blessing and gift is my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

This is my first time doing a swap quilt so I am a little nervous.  But I can't wait to get started! Hope I don't disappoint anyone.  

Love you all, 



Ann T. said...

Welcome Phyllis,
So glad you have joined us. You live in a great place! My daughter was there briefly a couple of years ago and loved it. I have a grundle of relatives in Ferron and Castle Dale.

Cathy said...

Hi Phyllis! I'm a bit nervous about a swap myself but can't wait to dive in and see what everyone creates.

Anonymous said...

Love having you with us, Phyllis! Great photo of you with the horse.