Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moira's Rule 8

Woohoo, blogger finally let me upload a pic for my post....past two days it has been cranky and wouldn't let me do it. And it even put my picture in right side up for a change instead of sideways.

At any rate, while I didn't use yellow in my block - I did design the pp'ing patterns for the three tulips that I made for this rule. I put the combined sections for rule 7 and 8 on the right side of the quilt top in order to balance it out. I love how it is turning out so far! But now I don't know who will eventually get it because i've finished off all the baby quilts that I needed to make for gifts this summer. Eventually tho it will be a gift. =)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Dorine's Rule #8

The day is finally here! Woohoo! Here is my paper pieced eagle. Note the yellow beak. The bottom of the block actually has two small eagles flying around in the background and seemed the perfect backdrop for an eagle. The colors don't blend as well with the top part as I would like, but I think it blends in with the rest of the quilt. I had been waiting and waiting for the perfect rule and dimensions for this pattern. So glad to get to use it at last!
And here is the whole quilt. It is getting big!
Ann, I still can't get comments to work on your posts, so I'm commenting here. I love your cow! It is adorable! And I think you spoke correctly when you said "picture." Your quilt is a beautiful picture--a work of art.

Carrie's Scrappy Anything Rule #8

And here is my Rule #8 block:

The three flower blocks are paper pieced, and picking flower patterns met the rule criteria. I also added yellow in the flowers and the skinny border. It brighten up everything and tied in well to the rest of my quilt top.

Here is Rule #8 attached to Rule #7:

Sorry, really hard to get the right light on the pictures now that the pieces are getting so big.

And finally all of the rules sewn together:

Feels awesome to be all caught up - woo hoo!!!!


Ann's Autumn Country Rule 8

And so Rule 8 is complete. The paper pieced cow came from a website that was in Dutch, and it is put together in sections, which is something I have not done before. My background is yellow, but the sunflowers are too, so all the rules and techniques are taken care of. I was going to put a fence around the cow, but there is just not enough room to do what I had in mind. I may go back later and add something else.
Rules 7 and 8 together.
And the whole picture -er- I mean quilt. It is getting pretty big now.
You can see that I have done some overlapping and added some embroidery to my hexagon. The next part to the bottom will have something on the bottom of the hexie.

Marie's Optical Illusion Rule 8

This block is quite different from my others.  The 3-d doesn't show up as much as I had hoped--I think because I didn't have enough contrast between my two yellows.  The whole block turned out much different than I thought it would.  I didn't like it when I was finishing it, but when I stood back and looked at it I liked it a lot better.  I found the pattern at and it is called "arabesque".  

When I put 4 blocks together and made the center, it was really cool, but since it couldn't be a square block I had to add more to the top and bottom of the block.  (The picture ended up sideways when I posted it.)  It didn't work to put another set of four blocks because it made the block a little too tall and there was no focal point to the block so I had to get creative to finish it to the size it needs to be.  It's a little strange, but it surely would be a beautiful quilt if it was in multiples of 4 blocks.  Maybe I'll try it some time.

I love paper piecing because it is so accurate and neat.  I thought it was a fun rule. 

I was surprised to see how much larger my quilt is when I put it all together.  We're really making progress, and I'm having great fun with this!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pam's Woods Mystery

Rule 7 doesn't look too dimensional, but it is the tumbling block pattern.
Rule 8 doesn't look too much like a treet to me but it is actually paper-pieced using the Weeping Willow paperpieced pattern from Quilters' Cache by Marcia Hohn.

I am having a little trouble posting. I hope it goes through this time. This mystery has really been a challenge for me, but I have really enjoyed participating in it and looking at everyone's themes and interpretations of the rules. I am also looking forward to seeing everyone's finish and hope we can do this again next year.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Another teaser from Ann

What is more country in the fall than deer?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Steph's summer...

So, over the summers I work at a scout camp in the high uinta mountains, and we have been delayed a bit because of the snow at my camp.  It's still impossible to get there.  But, one of the other council camps has decided to hire me temporarily, until we can get into my camp.  So, I might be gone as early as Thursday.  This means that I will be gone from Sunday evenings, to Saturdays around noon for the next 2 months.  So, I will obviously fall behind.  I am just letting you know that I am safe and sound, just having adventures of my own.  So, I will try to get rule number 8 done in the next two days, and set my reveal post to automatically post after the reveal date so you can all se it if I finish.

I have been slow because I just inherited my grandmother's husqvarna Viking machine, and I have not learned to use it yet.  Plus, I haven't found a 1/4" foot.  So I will have to use mom's machine again.

Have a great summer ladies!!

Carrie's Scrappy Anything Rule #8 Teaser

So excited that I found a few minutes to work on Rule #8! Here is my teaser....

You see the yellow, but not much else, huh?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Second Teaser for Rule 8

Here is my second teaser. The program refuses to rotate the picture even though I rotated it in my picture program. Go figure. The paper pieced section of the block was 12x12", so I add this to hopefully look like a bird's eye view from the bird pieced above it. I was going to do flowers, but when I found this fabric, I just couldn't resist it. I used the color yellow instead!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Marie's Block 8 Teaser

Here is another teaser.  Doesn't look like much does it.  Hopefully it will look good when it is all finished.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Woods Mystery Rule 6 - finally

I really had a lot of trouble with my pieced curves. I was finally able to get it look ok. There are a little puckers but they will quilt out. I may cover them with trees or something. The rest of you seemed to do so well with yours.

I finally sewed it to the other rules and now I can move on to rule 7. Yippeeeee.

annmarie's solution to the comment problem

Much Thanks to Annmarie for leaving the comment that explains what she did to delete the problem she was having posting comments.  Since I'm not sure that everyone  will  see it there I'm going to copy it here in a new post.  Let us know if this works for you.  Here is her comment:

If anyone is still having problems posting comments here is helpful link:

My problems were solved simply by unchecking the "stay logged in" or "remember me" box when signing in. Then I rebooted & no problems since.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Moira's Rule 8 Teaser Number two =)

Finished off what I wanted to do for Rule 8 yesterday afternoon. And just in time before summer school starts on monday. so I thought I'd post another teaser. Blogger is being a pill on alignment of pics, so I'll let you wonder about how it really looks till I post the finished pic in a couple of weeks. =)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lyn's Block

Here is Lyn's 3 dimentional block. As you can see she pieced a house to show the 3-D rule. Her block is really turning out really neat. She is staying true to her theme.

Autumn Country Teaser Rule 8

I found this paper piecing pattern on the internet. It was in Dutch, and I was able to translate the posting, but the instructions were a PDF that would not translate. (Guess I need Stephanie's Dad to look at it for me). This was an interesting piece to work on, as it is in 5 sections, which are sewn together after each section (or mold as it was called on the site). You see here parts of 4 of the sections. I don't remember the site, so will have to search for it again, as there were some other patterns that looked interesting to add later.

Marie's Optical Illusion Rule 8 Teaser

Here is my teaser for Rule 8.  My life is really busy right now so I hope that I can finish it by the deadline.  If not, I'll catch up later.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Granny Annie's Garden, Rule 7

Here is a look out of my attic window at one of my flower gardens!! Enjoy the view.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Comments *(&%$#@??

It sounds to me like Blogger has some bugs to work out.  I don't get it, some blogs I can leave comments on and others I cannot.  It also makes a difference as to which computer I use. 

Anyway, Carrie, I love your latest addition to your mystery.  The tumbling blocks were a beautiful compliment to your other blocks.  I LOVE your pinwheels too.  I have seen them made up on baby quilts before -- adorable!

Dorine & Moira, thanks for the teasers.  I have no idea what kind of bird will be making the next appearance on Dorine's project.  Moira, I can see that you have a paper-pieced pattern ready to for some fun idea.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bird Teaser Rule 8

Here is a portion of the paper pieced portion of my block. I have never done paper piecing on such a technical pattern, so this was a real learning experience for me. I am pretty happy with it though.

I have news! For those of you who haven't heard, we got our mission call this week. We are going to be temple missionaries in the Washington DC Temple!!!! We enter the MTC on September 19 and will be serving for 12 months. Not sure yet how that will affect my quilting. Since we are driving to the mission, Gary thinks I can take my sewing machine and keep up with the quilt on P days. We'll see!!!

For those of you who are not LDS, you may not have known that retired couples can be Mormon missionaries, but we can, and we are very excited. To translate the initials, MTC is Missionary Training Center, and P day is preparation day, or our day off.

rule 8 teaser

Here's a teaser pic for my rule 8...... =) Hope to piece it this coming week.

I'm one of the ones that has not been able to add comments to the posts....tried everything I can thinking include logging out and back into blogger.... =( So I'll just that I love what everyone has done so far.

Still here

Still around and trying to find some time to sew. My life has been intense the last month, and looks like there will only be a brief lull before another round of intense, as my son says he's moving this way to finish school. Working part time is really deceiving, because I wind up trying to cram full time fun into half-time, with all the house work, the car maintenance, the errand-running, etc. I can't figure out what I did when I worked full time and had little children - other than there was never me-time and almost no sewing time, either. I've gotten selfish in the last 6 years, and it's hard to readjust! And now I have a Primary calling on top of the rest.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trouble with Making Comments

I'm sorry that some of you are having trouble making coments or posting pictures on our blog.  I might mention that Betty was having trouble with it too and she said that signing out and signing back in didn't help, but then she signed back into her blog and it corrected everything.  I'm not sure why that made a difference, but it's worth a try for the rest of you who are having trouble. 

Carrie's Scrappy Anything Rule #7

I wanted to do something fun for rule #7, and wasn't exactly sure what. I searched the web for 3D quilt blocks and got that...folded fabric blocks that are actually 3D! Loved that idea, so I pieced two 3D pinwheels and still needed 4" on a side to make the piece the right width. Here is where I ventured into the unknown....I've only ever done one tumbling blocks block before and it involved y-seams and applique, eek! I also needed a 4" by 17-1/2" piece, what to do....

I wung it - really! After watch an really bad youtube video about strip piecing a tumbling blocks quilt, I estimated the strip width I'd need, used the wrong ruler and off I went! It was NOT easy, but I love the results. The piecing in the tubling blocks are only 1".

Sew, here's my block:

And here is a closeup to see the 3D effect on the pinwheels

And here is the tentative placement with the quilt top. I still have no idea what I am doing for rule #8, but I am catching up!


P.S. I didn't even realize that my son's blocks were in the photo when I took this - must be a sign that the tumbling blocks I pieced was a good idea!

Comments still not working for me

and it's really sad because Blogger keeps labeling me as "Anonymous" and that I'm not signed in, yet I am. Really weird and makes me think Blogger doesn't like me anymore LOL!

I'll post shortly about my rule #7 - I finally finished it yesterday - yahoo!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am still here...

Sorry its been a crazy time lately. I still have great intentions on finishing this quilt... I am just a few rules behind. Hopefully I can do some catching up soon.

Long overdue recap

I wanted to recap the rule completions and was terribly dissappointed to discover how many months I've missed.  I'll go in reverse order:

Rule #7 was  3D, no special technique, and was completed by 9 participants so far.

We had 3D stairs, a barn, a hollow cube, mountains, a house, honeycomb waffle design, a window, vertical aligned tumbling blocks, and baby blocks. I suspect there will be more as participants find time to catch up.

Rule #6  was completed by 9 participants to date and included a structure and free-form curved piecing:

Most everyone curve pieced the background, landscapes, or the ground.  One did a road, another a pathway, and another a border around the block.

We had colorful houses, wonky houses, cabins, an outhouse, a barn, a doll house, birdhouses, and a bird's eye view of 3D houses.

Rule #5 was completed by 14 participants to date and included a pieced circle and threadpainting:

Circles appeared in the following forms:  crazy & stripped pieced, a circle in a square, moons, suns, New Year's Eve ball in Times Square, red ball, scarecrow head, birdhouse hole, silo roof, balloons, sawmill, rock wall, and a leafy tree top.

Threadpainting appeared as follows:  raw edge applique, decorative swirls, tree branches, Santa & his reindeer, ball shadow, decorative ball details, rose vines, giraffe tail, scarecrow hair hands and feet, bushes, tree branch twigs, a painted sun, balloon strings, trees, and a ladybug.

Rule #4 was completed by 13 participants  and included positive negative and needle-turn applique':

Pos/Neg:  Picture frames (still in progress), barn front, African hut door, heart, checkerboard background, gate, mittens, pinwheels, rock wall, Xs & Os, doves, leaves, and 3D ellipses.

Carrie's Scrappy Anything - thank you!

Thx for all your ideas - I sew appreciate them. Betty C - your story of my quilt top thus far was awesome! Love it :)

I am posting this here and not in the comments because for some reason Blogger will not allow me to comment on any of the posts in our blog. Other blogs on Blogger, sure, but not this one. Not sure why (maybe becuase I am behind in our rules? LOL!!!)

After careful consideration, I have decided to sew my house row onto the bottom of my quilt top...Betty's tale put the voting over the top!

Now onto working on rule #7....


Barn #7 complete

I finished my #7 barn block.  The barn is the 3D section.  I thread painted around the trees to make them look bushy.  I tried to create a feeling of depth with the trees.  It is supposed to look like a field in the distance.  There are also farming row on the hill by the road.

Below you can see the new piece with the main quilt.  Rule #6 at the bottom is still a work in progress.

Rule Release #8

SIZE:   Our quilts should now measure 37 1/2" tall by 31 1/2" wide because we have not joined rule #7 yet.  Rule release #7 began a column to fit on either SIDE of the project.  This rule #8 will complete that column.   Make it 20" tall by 12" wide finished  (which means 20 1/2 x 12 1/2 unfinished).  Join rules 7 & 8 on top of each other according to your preference to form a column and then to either SIDE of the quilt.

Technique:  Paper Piecing technique

Rule: include the color yellow or add a flower of any sort

  -Teaser releases anytime you want and as often as you desire.
    -A completed photo can be released beginning on (Monday) June 27th.
  -Final due date and rule #9 release date (Fri) July 8th.  Sorry it is a little longer but some are playing catch up and several have a crazy June. 

Good luck and enjoy!!