Saturday, June 4, 2011

Carrie's Scrappy Anything Rule #7

I wanted to do something fun for rule #7, and wasn't exactly sure what. I searched the web for 3D quilt blocks and got that...folded fabric blocks that are actually 3D! Loved that idea, so I pieced two 3D pinwheels and still needed 4" on a side to make the piece the right width. Here is where I ventured into the unknown....I've only ever done one tumbling blocks block before and it involved y-seams and applique, eek! I also needed a 4" by 17-1/2" piece, what to do....

I wung it - really! After watch an really bad youtube video about strip piecing a tumbling blocks quilt, I estimated the strip width I'd need, used the wrong ruler and off I went! It was NOT easy, but I love the results. The piecing in the tubling blocks are only 1".

Sew, here's my block:

And here is a closeup to see the 3D effect on the pinwheels

And here is the tentative placement with the quilt top. I still have no idea what I am doing for rule #8, but I am catching up!


P.S. I didn't even realize that my son's blocks were in the photo when I took this - must be a sign that the tumbling blocks I pieced was a good idea!


dorine said...

Wow! That block is absolutely darling and so well done. Great job! And you're caught up!!

Marie said...

I love your block. Your pinwheels are so fun and what a great interpretation of 3-d. I also love your tumbling blocks. They looks so precise and nice. They are really tiny and hard to do, but you mastered it!

Congrats on getting caught up.

Ann T. said...

LOVE IT!!! Those pinwheels are awesome and the tumbling blocks are perfect. Your son's blocks do add dimension. Cute!

Betty C said...

Those are nice pinwheels! Tumbling blocks stacked like that is very clever.

crickets said...

It certainly is turning out to be a jumble of a bunch of different scrappy anythings, isn't it? I am happy with it so to get started on the next rule.