Sunday, June 5, 2011

Still here

Still around and trying to find some time to sew. My life has been intense the last month, and looks like there will only be a brief lull before another round of intense, as my son says he's moving this way to finish school. Working part time is really deceiving, because I wind up trying to cram full time fun into half-time, with all the house work, the car maintenance, the errand-running, etc. I can't figure out what I did when I worked full time and had little children - other than there was never me-time and almost no sewing time, either. I've gotten selfish in the last 6 years, and it's hard to readjust! And now I have a Primary calling on top of the rest.


Ann T. said...

Good luck. It sounds like you are re-adjusting, though, and your sewing time will find a way in some way. I love your blocks and you have inspired me!

Marie said...

Life does get intense sometimes doesn't it. I was in a quilting class once when one of the ladies asked everyone how they find time to sew. One of the ladies answered that she worked full time, had children at home, etc., etc. and she said she can only dedicate 15 minutes or 1/2 hour to sewing each day, but she finds that if she consistently finds those few minutes a day she can accomplish quite a bit over time. That only works, of course, if you have a place where you can leave your sewing out since it would take that long to set up and take down ;o(

I think about that every once in a while when my life gets too busy. Anway, good luck with everything, and above all take good care of yourself.