Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pam's Woods Mystery

Rule 7 doesn't look too dimensional, but it is the tumbling block pattern.
Rule 8 doesn't look too much like a treet to me but it is actually paper-pieced using the Weeping Willow paperpieced pattern from Quilters' Cache by Marcia Hohn.

I am having a little trouble posting. I hope it goes through this time. This mystery has really been a challenge for me, but I have really enjoyed participating in it and looking at everyone's themes and interpretations of the rules. I am also looking forward to seeing everyone's finish and hope we can do this again next year.


Betty C said...

All your fabrics and colors look so pleasing together. The weeping willow trees look a bit like an illusion... looks kinda like a road going under bridges or tunnel. Congratulations on getting all caught up!!

Ann T. said...

I can totally see the weeping willow, but at first glance, it did not look like a tree. I love your tumbling blocks. They turned out great. Congrats on being caught up.

dorine said...

I love how subtle these two blocks are. You can see what they are if you look at them. They are really pleasing together!

dq said...

It is looking great. I am glad to see that you have caught up.

Shers Beaches said...

Wow! Pam, that is really looking good. I haven't been able to work much on mine recently. My new schedule starts Monday so I will be off Wed-Fri next week, maybe I'll work on it then.