Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long overdue recap

I wanted to recap the rule completions and was terribly dissappointed to discover how many months I've missed.  I'll go in reverse order:

Rule #7 was  3D, no special technique, and was completed by 9 participants so far.

We had 3D stairs, a barn, a hollow cube, mountains, a house, honeycomb waffle design, a window, vertical aligned tumbling blocks, and baby blocks. I suspect there will be more as participants find time to catch up.

Rule #6  was completed by 9 participants to date and included a structure and free-form curved piecing:

Most everyone curve pieced the background, landscapes, or the ground.  One did a road, another a pathway, and another a border around the block.

We had colorful houses, wonky houses, cabins, an outhouse, a barn, a doll house, birdhouses, and a bird's eye view of 3D houses.

Rule #5 was completed by 14 participants to date and included a pieced circle and threadpainting:

Circles appeared in the following forms:  crazy & stripped pieced, a circle in a square, moons, suns, New Year's Eve ball in Times Square, red ball, scarecrow head, birdhouse hole, silo roof, balloons, sawmill, rock wall, and a leafy tree top.

Threadpainting appeared as follows:  raw edge applique, decorative swirls, tree branches, Santa & his reindeer, ball shadow, decorative ball details, rose vines, giraffe tail, scarecrow hair hands and feet, bushes, tree branch twigs, a painted sun, balloon strings, trees, and a ladybug.

Rule #4 was completed by 13 participants  and included positive negative and needle-turn applique':

Pos/Neg:  Picture frames (still in progress), barn front, African hut door, heart, checkerboard background, gate, mittens, pinwheels, rock wall, Xs & Os, doves, leaves, and 3D ellipses.

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Ann T. said...

I love the recaps of the progress of the quilts. It is fun to see where everyone is, too.
Thanks again for doing that.
Also, it was so good to see you and your work. Tell your son Thanks again for the time he took with the boys. They were so excited to tell their Mom when she got here tonight.