Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moira's Rule 8

Woohoo, blogger finally let me upload a pic for my post....past two days it has been cranky and wouldn't let me do it. And it even put my picture in right side up for a change instead of sideways.

At any rate, while I didn't use yellow in my block - I did design the pp'ing patterns for the three tulips that I made for this rule. I put the combined sections for rule 7 and 8 on the right side of the quilt top in order to balance it out. I love how it is turning out so far! But now I don't know who will eventually get it because i've finished off all the baby quilts that I needed to make for gifts this summer. Eventually tho it will be a gift. =)


Betty C said...

This is really pretty. Your paper pieced tulips look good.

dorine said...

So, so cute! Lucky baby that eventually get it!!

Ann T. said...

Love your tulips. They look so great with the rest of the quilt.

dq said...

It is so beautiful! The tulips were perfect.

Is yours getting close to the finished size since it will be for a baby?

Moira said...

good question on size....I normally make mine baby quilts about 45" by 54" because I like them to be used all the way thru toddlerhood. So with a border this isn't far off.....but I'll keep going and who knows what size it'll end up. =)