Tuesday, January 11, 2011

scrappy stash forest.....

when i tried to convince myself that NO!!!  i was NOT going to be doing yet another project that would probably never get finished, and that betty and carmen could just go on ahead and have their fun with their 12 inch starter block, i thought i had been VERY convincing to myself.....then, i fell asleep and dreamt of my own 12 inch starter block with the nice flying geese pine trees on the right, with some smaller ones on the left, with some beautiful stitching of a nice scripture in the middle--the nice thing about dreams is that they can be as detailed and as un-realistic as we want  LOL    so, first thing this morning i signed up, with my theme of scrapy stash first block with the geese trees (that will NOT be as amazing as my dreams was-sarn!) may  be the only tree on it, because i tend to get side-tracked somewhat, and we may not be able to see the forest thru the tree, but it WILL be scrappy and stashy  ;o)

so, as you can see, i hate to use capitals, unless i am using them to emphasize a word, which i ALWAYS do....and i just love to end the sentence with .... instead of actually just ending. the. sentence.   i also write like i talk, so sometimes you have to read it a few times before you get the hang of what on earth i am talking about!

i met carmen and betty in a great on-line group and they introduced me to this BOM and boy howdy, i am gonna just LOVE this.  i have a little problem with sent out round robins so this is like that, but I have the control!  not that i am usually a control freak, i just know what i like LOL  and, i can't have a blog post without a picture--this is also a stay at home round robin that a wonderful lady named tara kos designed.  we were to start with a middle block...then, she added round after round...and, because she knows that i like applique, she left me lots of space to add mine!!!!  oak leaves and acorns--i LOVE them!!!  then, i added the words of the fruits of the spirit, but am re-working them because you can't see the original well enough....perhaps one day i will actually get it done and quilted!!!

my friut of the spirit round a week stay at home round robin.....
gives an idea of the kind of quilting i like....traditional, applique, and fall colors!

i am a chirstian, a wife of 30 years, and mother of 11 kids....from 30 down to 9.  6 of them are still in the home--4 teen girls, a hormonal 6th grade boy and a sweet 3rd grade boy.  life is busy and challenging to say the least!!!  i am getting my 7th grandchild this friday!!!  can't wait for that!!!  we also have 5 dogs and a bird....we live in southern california in the mojave desert, so we have extremes of weather--last week the kids had 2 snow days off from the summer we can get to 115 degrees....all in all a nice place to live if you don't mind brown....i miss the mountains and my heart i live in ireland  ;o) 

i love to read and knit and pretty able at most things i try my hand at, but i just  can't seem to finish projects!  this year i vowed that i would be VERY selective as to what i would start, and am thrilled that i get to be part of your group here and to do this along with you.  I have set goals of making more finishes this year--and of more blogging with pictures--this little mystery will also help achieve that goal too!!  it must have been meant to be--right??!!  so, can still work on the old things, start a few new ones, have the fresh challenge of this little mystery, and get to blog about it doesn't get much better than that!

go and visit my blog--  http://lynnesfreshhope.blogspot/   leave a comment, i hope to get to know you all, and can't wait to see some blocks!

with each new day comes fresh hope


Ann T. said...

You are a busy lady. Glad to have you aboard.

dq said...

Wow, your life looks full -- how wonderful! Welcome.

Marie said...

We're happy to have you with us. This is going to be a fun experience for all of us. I just hope I can get something else accomplished besides checking the blog every 10 minutes. :) Welcome to the fun.

Anonymous said...

Lynne! my lil j-bird! Glad to see you here :) Forest for the trees, ey? this one I have GOT to see! Perhaps some wolves, a mountain, rocky mountain roads? or is that a song? Well, I am totally glad you chose this as one of "special" projects for this year :) Will be waiting to you see your tree :)
Carmen, Mistress of stash acquisition! LOL

dorine said...

Welcome aboard!! Glad you're joining us. Just a note on your wish to live in Ireland--up until last year when I remarried after the death of my first husband, I lived in the Seattle area. I moved to my new husband's home in Southern Utah, red rocks, arches, etc. I am so glad to be in this beautiful desert. I hate constant cloudy, moss, mold, and mildew, so I'm really glad to be in the desert!

Felicity said...

I am glad you decided to add one more thing to your list and join our little group. Looking forward to seeing your quilt through the months.