Monday, January 10, 2011

Rule Release #1

The day has finally arrived -- yeah! (Jan 10, 2011)

First of all, a few rules were duplicated by participants, so I lumped very similar rules together.  If a rule is worded a little bit different from what you submitted, that would be why.  Also, recall that we said we would separate techniques from rules if they were submitted together; well we did. 

Also, all participants who signed up on or before Jan 10th will get their rules in the pot for drawing.  Any late-comer rules will be saved for later in case we run out of rules.  The rules and techniques were drawn at random out of two separate bags.

NOW FOR RULE RELEASE #1 (drum roll please): 
SIZE:  Make a 12” finished unit. This means that it will be 12 ½” when you measure it now, and it will become 12” when it is added to and finished later.

RULE:  Make at least 4 flying geese (there were three participants who submitted something similar to this)

TECHNIQUE:  There is no technique specified for this first time.  You can paper-piece, rotary cut, appliqué, whatever you want.

SUGGESTIONS/THOUGHTS:  You can interpret the rule any way you want, but please explain how you “executed” the rule when you post a picture of your finished unit.

Don’t limit your imagination, the rule does not say that the flying geese have to be next to each other and it does not say that you can do ONLY flying geese.  They can be hidden in your block any way you want, stretched, distorted, etc…

Also, the word UNIT means simply that.  It does not have to be one 12” block.  It could be four 6” blocks put together or a 7” x 9” block with a border around it to enlarge it to 12” etc…

Here is a link to show a variety of flying geese pictures if anyone in our group is a new quilter.  If anyone would like advice, help figuring out the piece sizes on their plan, or suggestions, please post them to the blog; anyone in the group is welcome to give suggestions.

One 12" block is not much work for a 3 week span of time, so I'm going to release rule #2 individually to participants via email AFTER they complete rule #1 and post a picture of it to the blog.  Both rules 1 and 2 are due -- Jan 31st, so get release #1 done as soon as you are able.  (I should have thought through this better and made a two week deadline rather than three so this is how I'm adjusting.) 



Marie said...

Thank you, thank you. I'm so excited to get started, but first I must get my quilter's "thinking cap" on and see what I come up with. I can't wait to see what everyone does!

Ann Marie said...

Oh good, posted before I go to work, so I can think about it for the next 10 hours, and do it when I get home.........:D

Ann T. said...

Thank you so much. I know exactly what I am going to do. It was already in my brain, but not as flying geese. The link cemented it in:D

Felicity Evans said...

Super Duper! I think I am going to start and finish the project today.. Lets see what happens??

Anonymous said...

Good, I have an afternoon to play right now, or what's left of it, so I'm going to go imagine something up.