Friday, January 14, 2011

Kay in NJ

I, too, learned about this mystery from Carmen. She gets lots of us into trouble ;-) My theme will be Green is the Thing! I've been "green" long before it became the thing to do - been recycling since the early 60's when we had to actually cart our newspapers, bottles and cans to a big collection container 20 miles away from where we lived. I hope it's OK that I am "blogless".
Kay in NJ

(Kay left the above comment on the original mystery post.  I am making it into a post so others can read it (hope it is ok).

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Lydia's Garden said...

LOL Kay, and I can blame this one on Betty, however I did learn about this wonderful mystery on another Yahoo group :) Ah, the power of cyberworld! Going green is what my mother called plain being "frugal" with all that God has given us. Farm life is good solid teacher and being from the hills of WV, you could say I learned at my Grandmother's knee about "being green" and making ends meet. My grandmother use to have me "help" her take apart old clothing that had outworn the hand-me-down stages, into quilting squares, buttons and zippers. She had a quart jar for the buttons, an old candy/biscuit tin for the zippers and cardboard box for the fabric squares.
I am really looking forward to your seeing how you play out your theme in fabric :)
Carmen in -11 Soldotna, AK