Friday, January 28, 2011

Scarecrow 2

My scarecrow is celebrating valentines day!  Betty Boop is shyly looking away.  I printed a picture of my scarecrow onto fabric.  The hexagon flower is made from a freebie kit given to me at a LQS, it was to teach people how to do English paper piecing.  Not quite the right colors for this block but I am thinking scrappy!
I am going to sew the heart button on, or I am going to put something else in that corner.


Marie said...

Adorable, Betty. Betty Boop is perfect for your quilt. I love the picture of your scarecrow. Your block was a lot of work, but it certainly turned out great. I've never done a picture in a quilt. How did you do it?

dq said...

Your block doesn't look anything like I imagined from teh teaser. The teasers were so much fun!

I love Betty Boop, and I agree with Marie that she fits you.

I love your sense of humor, Betty AND your block.

Betty C said...

Hi Marie,
Marie is my middle name. I thought you needed to know that, lol. I printed a picture (from My Pictures file) onto an Inkjet Fabric sheeet. I bought a package of these at Joann's. It is june tailor, sew-in Colorfast Inkjet Fabric Sheets. (the package is pink) I followed the directions on the back to make the picture colorfast and it claims that it will be safe to wash it in cold water. I would suggest using a 50% coupon to purchase a pack of these because they are expensive.
I printed only one picture so I used only the corner. I plan on cutting and taping the rest of the sheet to something to run through my printer so that I can use the rest of the sheet.

Ann T. said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!! I love this block. I, too love using the fabric transfer for my Ink Jet. I use a different brand, but it is pretty much the same, and I also got it at JoAnn's.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like I expected! Love it!

annmarie said...

How creative & unique - good job!