Friday, January 14, 2011

Rule #2 emails...

I have quickly sent out rule release #2 via email to those who have completed block #1.  I just received an email from a participant who didn't get her #2 rule after posting her picture of rule #1.  It went to her junk mail.  IF ANYONE should have this rule and doesn't, please feel comfortable letting us know so we can take care of you.  ALSO check your junk files first.


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annmarie said...

Granny Annie's Garden Mystery:
Hi - my name is annmarie!!! I learned about this mystery on Ann Marie's blog (Star in a Star Mystery) where I have been lurking for quite some time! My real spelling is also Ann Marie but for all quilty purposes I use annmarie. I see there is also an Ann T. and my last name starts with T also. Amazing that 3 Ann's ended up here.

I live in Rhinelander Wisconsin whick is quite far north - Brrrrrrrrrrr! We have LOTS of snow right now. I live on a lake in the country with my hubby & 14 yo dog, Buzzy. My only child & his wife live right down the road which is wonderful! No grandchildren, boo hoo! but I am a surrogate granny to a friend's twins whose real granny is far away in California so I get my baby fix with the 2 princesses - they just turned one.

So that is where the name of my mystery comes from - at the babies' house I am known as Granny Annie. Besides quilting I have many flower gardens & a veggie garden too.

I love the names of all the Mysteries & look forward to watching the themes develop. What fun!!!