Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rule 11, and a start on Rule 12 - Use It Up #2

I've finished my version of Rule 11 and have added it to the quilt top. The section is 14 inches wide and runs the full length of the top as it is right now. The words were created through Word - at 300 pt font. Basket was paper-pieced and I used yo-yo's as flowers in the basket. Scraps were used to make the basket, letters, and yo-yo's. I used buttons to hold the yo-yo's on. I'm thinking about what to add to the section so that there isn't so much "empty" space above and below the words. Might take a while to decide what to add.

Next up is Rule 12.....time will tell how fast I get it done. And as I look at the instructions I see that i've already got part of Rule 12 included in this section....oops....that's what I get for not double-checking them before I make something. Not gonna change it tho.............way too much work for that. So all I need to finish up for Rule 12 is to make the buggy barn style wonky blocks. I can handle


Ann T. said...

Very clever basket and your Yo-yo flowers are great. I love the words. They are very fitting for your bear panels. Good luck with rule 12. It was fun for me, but then, I enjoy the wonky blocks.

Betty C said...

Your quilt is really cute. I like the basket you made. You printed the words onto fabric?

Moira said...

Betty - the words were appliqued with a machine mock-buttonhole stitch the words after fusing them down. I printed out the words from the computer and then used them as patterns to cut them out of fabric.