Friday, October 7, 2011

Lyn's Small Town Winter

I am posting this for her as she doesn't do blogger.  Lyn has completed and added rules 8, 9 & 10. 

Rule 8 is the block with the yellow house, brown tree, and rock piller fence posts placed in the lower right.

Rule 9 features more of the lake, the mountain behind it, pine trees, and embroidery work so show more backgrouond hills.  For the 3-D portion of the rule she added black colored birds flying above the pine tree on the right.

On rule 10 she tried to do the disappearing 9 patch in the sky and then changed it because it looked too boxy for clouds and sky.  She did the folded inserts on her clouds.  They are difficult to tell that they are folded inserts because she did such a fine job of stitching down the fold, but they are the long skinny clouds.  Don't they look great and oh so clever?


Marie said...

Very clever. I'm amazed at how many different fences you have been able to create. Your work is beautiful and your quilt is fantastic. I've been having a hard time figuring out how to use some of the rules to go with my theme, but I think a landscape theme is even more of a challenge and you've been able to make it work wonderfully for your quilt.

dorine said...

Beautiful. Good job, Lyn. What a fun quilt.

dorine said...

Beautiful. Good job, Lyn. What a fun quilt.

Ann T. said...

Oh my goodness. Every part is so beautiful and intricate. What a work of art. Great job!!!!!

Betty C said...

It is absolutely amazing!