Monday, October 17, 2011

Rule 10 - Use It Up #2, and "Use It Up #1" top

I've actually managed to get some quilting time in these last few days....woohoo! Should have been working on homework or the commissioned sewing, but needed the quilting time for me. =)

At any rate, since I had decided that the pastel quilt was big enough for what I wanted to do with it, I stayed with my theme and started working on "Use It Up" quilt #2. =) This quilt top is starting with a pair of pillow panels that I've had in the stash for at least 10 years. I'd planned on using them for a baby I figure by following the remaining rules, with the exception of maybe the posted sizes for the sections, I should have another nice baby quilt at the end of this mystery.

I've finished Rule 10 - because of teh size of the pillow panels, I was only able to get 3 of teh disappearing 9 patch blocks in the quilt on the left side of the quilt. Had goofed up on my cutting so the 4th block didn't turn out anyway. I added the folded insert blocks along the bottom of the top in progress. Now onto Rule 11. =)

Meanwhile, I've also managed to get a border onto the pastel quilt and that top is now finished. Eventually it'll get quilted whenever I next need a baby quilt for a girl.


Ann T. said...

Love how you finished off your pastel quilt top. It is beautiful.
Your new project is delightful. Love the bears, and building around them will be a fun project. Your colors are so fun, and your work so precise. This quilt top will be just as fun.

Anonymous said...

I love the way the pastel one turned out, and the start of the second one is so cute!

Betty C said...

The pastel baby quilt is awsome. The second quilt you have started is looking really good.

dorine said...

What lucky babies to receive such gorgeous quilts! They are really precious.

dq said...

Your border REALLY finished it off nicely. I still say that baby quilt is too fancy to give away. I honestly LOVE it!

Your newest project is also fun fun fun. Your ideas for doing the D9P and folded inserts go beautifully with your panel. This will be another fun one to watch develop.