Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finally Caught Up

Terrible picture but I did get all the pin cushions sewn, they all need pins in them and I'll get to that soon.
This one below is to share.

I made 4 little quilt shops and some of them still need embellishment but I love, love, love the way they turned out and can't thank Deanna enough for her adorable creativity!

The little quilt below is a paper pieced sewing machine.  If anyone would like the pattern you can find it HERE.  I found it on Pinterest.
I made a cute little quilt for the one below but it is too big so I'll save it for the next row.
I plan to  embroider a wreath on this door and above the windows and put some cute flowers in the window boxes using buttons.  

I'm having a knee replacement on Monday so I may get behind again but I'll do my best to keep up now.  


dq said...

Vickie, I LOVE your pineapple log cabin quilt! That is so clever! I am also so glad to see that you are back with us.

Jo said...

What a great idea for the sewing machine.mi have been wanting to do that pattern for a while. I just might now...

Ann T. said...

Love your blocks. Good luck with your surgery!! Will keep you in my prayers.