Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Just sent off block to Jo in Australia

I sure hope you like my block Jo when you receive it, because it sure cost a lot to mail it from the states! Nothing against any of you lovely ladies in other countries as it has nothing to do with you, but the US post office sure charges a small fortune to mail a letter out of the country!!! I am curious if Jo and you other ladies living in another country find your postal rates high too? I was speechless when I was told I had to pay $6.65 to mail a small envelope because she asked what it was and I told her (should I have lied? would it have been cheaper??). Maybe if I had used a large envelope it would be cheaper? But then using a large envelope does cost more to mail because of it's size. I was charged  more because it was "merchandise", not documents or correspondence. Did others mailing to other countries have to pay this much? If I had to send all my blocks out of country I'd be broke doing this swap. Who knew?

I did just join a mug rug swap and I had the option to send only in the US, which I chose because I knew a mug rug would cost more to mail. Glad I did because I am sure it would have been double what I just paid.

Okay now that I am (somewhat) over my mailing shock, I would be curious to know how you feel about such high postal rates.


dq said...

I have mailed to Australia and it has only cost about $3.00. I wonder why the difference.

Jo said...

I understand where you are coming from. Mine just get sent as a letter. I enjoy doing these swaps and enjoy the fabric choices. I look forward to them as my treat.
I fold mine inside a card.

Anonymous said...

No, you should not lie. Postal fraud is very expensive, and things do get x-rayed! If you put it in a larger envelope and fill out the customs form for first class, stating it is a gift, not merchandise, then it might not cost as much. If you have the option of a different post office, I would try that next time. These blocks are never classified as merchandise at my post office. My postal people actually tell me what is the cheapest thing to do. It does cost more to send out of the US, there's no way around that, and it goes by weight. Priority on something I'm sending to OZ would have cost me $24. My postal person told me to go get another envelope (the thinnest one on the rack) and send it plain first class for only $12.25. It's much heavier than one block. The rates from other countries to here are comparable. It just costs a lot to send a letter/package on an airplane across the ocean.