Friday, August 22, 2014

Mystery theme launched! Fabric samples at the bottom.

Are you ready for September 1st?  It is time to launch the theme for the Mystery Row Swap.  I have decided to offer the pattern in queen and throw sizes. 
First things first...

I LOVED all of the theme ideas submitted!  I ended up combining two ideas together because I was flooded with design ideas from both of them.  Felicity suggested flowers displayed in a variety of ways such as in a wheelbarrow or a watering can.  Cathy at "A Quilting Chick" suggested a sewing room.    The magic in my head really started turning after I put them both together.

I was also strongly tempted on the following ideas:
Jo's beach theme (I will be doing this one some day)

I am still deciding on a name, but I am leaning toward Quilter's Garden.  The row swap will feature rows of things you might find in a quilter's sewing room and flowers.  The garden part of the theme will not be a vegetable garden but a flower garden. 

The pattern for the first row will be released September 1st.  To participate, email me or leave a comment with your email.  I will send you a PDF downloaded pattern for free.  If you make at least one block to swap and post it to the group blog, then you will get the next month's pattern for free.

I am calling the first row "Good Vibrations".  It will feature a variety of sewing machines, old and new.  Here is a sneak peak.

Because it is a swap, you will be required to use quilt shop quality fabric and match the colors in my color scheme.

Below is a photo of the fabrics I chose to get started with.  I based all the colors around the center large flower print.  If features:
salmon (not pink and not peach but in between)
golden yellows
pinkish reds (2nd photo)
As a starter set, I purchased a half yard of each and more of the white.

Below is another photo where I added some pinkish reds.

Below is a closeup of the fabric I tried to match everything to. It is from the Butterfield collection by Henry Glass.  One of the yellows is also from this collection, but none of the other fabrics are.
I purchased all but the reds from a little store in Ephraim, Utah called the Fabric Shack.  I am sure if you called them they would send you some of the main piece so you could better match colors, but you can probably guess close enough just from the photos.  435-283-3232
I also found some pieces in the collection (not the brown) at this link.  They might assist you in color matching as well.  I'm sure there are others stores out there too.

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Vickie said...

I'm so glad to know that you got your fabric in Ephriam. I'll run over there tomorrow and pick mine up. Super!!!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

This looks like fun! I'll be checking my stash for the colors I need for this.

Domestic Designer said...

So cute! I would love the pattern! Searching for fabrics now! Thanks!!

Darlene Bullard said...

I'm in thank you let me no what I need to do

Nile Remsing said...

How do I just buy the patterns

Nile Remsing said...

I put in my wrong email. I would like to buy your row pattern block of the mo the to make for myself. My email is