Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hi everyone!

My name is Moira and I'm currently living here in NE Indiana in Fort Wayne.    I'm in my third, or is it fourth incarnation and am now working as a high school engineering teacher at a small rural school just north of Fort Wayne..   I have 8th-12th grades and enjoy all of them....well most of the time at any    I finished a Master's degree in Tech Ed at Purdue University through a career change program.   And this year is the last year  that I have to work in a rural school for the program I went through.   Have now been back to school for 4 wks, and time has gotten more limited for sewing again.

I'm single and live alone so I can quilt whenever I want.....well I should when I'm not at school teaching or at the part-time job.

I've been quilting for over 40 yrs now and 95% of the time I make my own designs.   I am also a active quilt designer and have been blessed to have several blocks published in the QuiltMakers 100 Blocks magazines over the last several years, and one full quilt pattern as a result of that.   I currently have one pattern designed that I need to get a sample made up so that I know it works before submitting for publication consideration.

I'm also in the midst of hosting a block of the month this year on my blog - http://quiltedsna/ I post msgs with links to the blocks on the blog.    Am also currently working to put a Block Robin together that has been sitting as a UFO for 3+ yrs now.

For this one, I'm the one that will not be working it as a row quilt.   I know I won't have enough time to do the full thing so I'll be swapping a block or two and then plan on putting everything together in a way similar to what I'm doing with my current project (can be seen on my blog).  =)   And in case you ever wondered, I don't tend to march to the same drummer as most people.   lol....

Susan and I have known each other for a lot of year now, and been in a lot of swaps together.   We tend to get each other to follow us down lots of different 'rabbit trails' as we find different project.  =)   I did participate in the last mystery that Deana  ran here, and still have the two quilt tops that resulted from it - both unquilted as of now.


Anonymous said...

And with luck, we'll know each other for many more years!

Ann T. said...

So glad you finished graduate school. Look forward to another fun quilt session with you.