Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hi everyone,
My name is Ann, and I have been quilting my whole life, with spurts of more activity at specific times. I am a first cousin to Deana's mother (Lyn) and sister to Marie. We have been quilting as a family for a number of years. We are "The Daughters of Dorinda" or more accurately granddaughters several generations removed.
I am a retired nurse and now my vocation is Grandma. I tend 2 - 5 grandchildren while their Mom's work. With school back in session, I have only 2 preschoolers during the day. I have 13 grandchildren and I have made each of them a baby quilt when they were born, and have a goal of making them each a quilt for High School Graduation. Currently that has happened as there are only 2 who have graduated. Currently I have the tops done for the next 4, (who are teenagers). My Current project is a baby quilt for my first great grandchild. I don't have any blocks put together yet, but am doing a pinwheel quilt in blues (for a boy, of course).
I am excited to be doing a group project again. I love row quilts and look forward to joining all of you in this adventure.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great family tree. So wonderful to see the generations move forward. You are making great progress on your goals!