Sunday, August 31, 2014

Introduction from Cindy

My introduction,

Hi, My name is Cindy, and I've been quilting for 3 years. During that time, I've gone from working 2 jobs, to being unable to work at all due to health issues. To keep myself busy, and my mind off my disability, I've thrown myself into quilting full time plus. I've gone from a beginner quilter who needed to learn how to sew a straight line, to an advanced quilter(according to my beginning quilt instructor, and others who have seen my progression), to an advanced quilter. I love to do any kind of piecing, from traditional blocks to modern, applique to paper pieced, basically anything that crosses my path I will try. I have even undertaken quilting my finished tops on my home machine. I am making samples for a local quilting shop, and I have also started testing patterns for bloggers. 

I really sound like I'm bragging, and I'm sorry. Unfortunately, a lot of my self-esteem is tied up in quilting right now, and my doctors are saying I probably won't be able to hold a regular job down any more. My biggest compliment came from my 25 and 26 year old sons this weekend. We are moving my quilting room upstairs, and I was trying to figure out how to get everything into the one bedroom. My son's want me to put my sewing table and machine in the living room. Why? Why would they want all that mess in the living room? They complained because I was sewing at the kitchen table this summer, so why the living room? The answer, they like me being in the same room when they come over so we can spend time together, and they are both really proud about how hard I have been working to overcome the curve ball I've been thrown in life, and are proud at how well I quilt now. My sons are proud of me! I  would never have thought to see the day.

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Cathy said...

It sounds like you've made the best of your disability and your sons can see that. They should be proud! Can't wait to see your work.