Monday, May 25, 2015

My borders are on

I was away on retreat for 4 days and got to work on my quilt.
I laid out the centre and the borders then calculated the space I had left. I needed to add a 3.25" smashing border all the way around.
HERE IT IS. I love it....

Saturday, May 9, 2015

I like them all as well. I think I would choose the Americana one, though, if I have to choose. But I really like those turkeys in the fall quilt and the houses and butterflies in the Spring one...

Thursday, May 7, 2015

New FREE row QAL starting in July!

Hello to all of my Quilter's Garden friends in blogland!  Thank you for all of your comments, encouragement, and support this past year!

The Quilter's Garden Mystery Row project was such a success that I am going to host another one that is similar.  This time it won't be much of a mystery.  I need to recreate pdf patterns for the three row quilts shown below and need your encouragement to get them done.  Let me know if you are interested in making one of them and which one or which ones (plural) you want to make.  Just leave a comment or shoot me an email.  I will choose the group "favorite" or possibly two of them for the FREE QAL.  


1.  Participants will be required to make at least one block from the pattern each month.

2.  Participants will have to post a picture of the finished block to this blog OR email me a picture for me to post for them.

3.  If a block is made by midnight the last day of the month, the participant will get the next month's pattern for free.  If not, they will have an unfinished quilt or will have to purchase the pattern in my Craftsy or Etsy shop.

4.  Late comers will be welcome, but they will have to purchase any patterns they have missed.  The pattern is free ONLY for the month it is hosted.

SPECIAL NOTE:  I reserve the right to change some of the rows from the photos shown.  Some rows may be replaced with patterns that I feel are cuter or simpler to make.  There are a couple that need some improvements.

Don't care for row quilts?  That is ok.  You are only required to make the month's block.  You can do anything with it you wish.

That's it!  This time we are not swapping, so make your quilt any colors you want.

Here are your choices:

Spring Row Quilt

Autumn Row Quilt

Americana Row Quilt

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

last block has arrived and quilt top is done

I have planned my quilt. It is always hard when you participate in a block swap. They don't always measure the same. I love the challenge of working around this.
I didn't do the required amount of blocks that Deana has done for her row by row quilt..
I have trimmed and played, measured and added.... This is the results so far......
The top section

 The middle section waiting on my last block to come in the mail

 The bottom section

Look at all those beautiful quilts that are hanging.
See where I have filled some spaces with the bonus half square triangles. They were used to make it all up to size. Now I have to add a one inch strip all the way around and my border blocks hopefully will fit. I'm not sure yet. It still has to be laid out.
I am happy with it so far especially because I have put them together so soon.
Well, my last block has arrived from Denise.....

So I have trimmed it to fit in the middle row..

And here it is... The top is together. I only have to get the borders sewn on...