Friday, December 9, 2011

Rule Release #14

Rule Release #14

Hello again everyone!  How is your Christmas readiness coming along?  I am certain we all have our days and evenings filled with all sorts of goings-on.

As for the Dorinda Mystery, we are very close. The last rule release will come out in January and then we will have a top completed minus borders -- yeah!!

Rule:  Make a pinwheel

Technique:  combine a hand stitched applique with embroidery

Size:  We are going to make half of a row this month and next month we'll make the other half to complete the quilt top (minus borders).  This row will go on either the TOP or BOTTOM of the quilt.  Block #14 will need to be 30 1/2" wide ( 30" finished) by 22 1/2" tall (22 finished). 

Once the row is completed in early February, the quilt should measure 60 x 80 which will fit the top of a queen-sized bed.  You will have to make borders to get the quilt long enough to go over the sides of the bed.
Due Dates: The next and FINAL rule will release January 15th.  You can begin showing a full release of #14 any time it is completed. 

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Ann T. said...

Thanks For the rule. When it was late, I was worried that something might be wrong, but I see that you have been really busy, and it is OK, because we all have plenty to do.
Love you