Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Freedom Row Complete

This past week I have spent at the sewing machine, but got the entire row finished. Each block had it's own challenges, and since the quilt is a throw instead of a queen, modifications had to be made also. I chose to use the flags from a fat quarter, so appliqued them on. I love how it all turned out.



 Village House

Freedom Row


Vivian said...

I love your flags, that is how I wanted mine to look also. I have to find the perfect piece of fabric still though. Very nice row.

dorine said...

Love it! How did you do the flowers in the window box? Those are darling!

Ann T. said...

Dorine, the flowers came in a strip, on a roll. I used them on another quilt and thought they were a fun addition here too.
Vivian, if you can't find the fabric, I am willing to share. I won't use the entire fat quarter.

Edith Csokmay said...

Beautiful row. I'm amazed how quickly you finished :)

Jo said...

I will be doing a shorter row too. I think I will emit the cemetery. I am making mine for an Aussie Hero on deployment so don't want to put in anything sad.... Too close to home for me aswell... Very good looking row

Lynette said...

Nice work, Ann! Yes, I love those window box flowers, too, and had wondered if you'd embroidered them in.

Phyllis said...

Very, very nice Ann. I love it!

dq said...

Your wavy flags are wonderful! I just love them and the cloudy sky.