Friday, January 1, 2016

January row releases

Hello row quilters!  I hope your Christmas was a nice one.  We had a white one at our house which was wonderful.  We made it through our December wedding which was a challenge because my father-in-law died the same week.

We spent Christmas break snowboarding up the canyon, shooting clay pigeons, and four wheeling in the trucks in the snow.  It was wonderful to have both of my married daughters join us with their husbands.

I emailed the Americana pattern out early this morning.  It includes yardage needed to finalize the quilt "Stars and Stripes" borders.

The Spring Quilt pattern is not out yet.  I have been sick for two days and have not been able to make up some test blocks.  Usually I don't, but the bird and birdhouse are pieced different from most of my patterns and need a test run.

February 1st I will release border and final assembly patterns, and this journey will end.  Thanks for all your support.

Happy Sewing!


Jo said...

You have had a rough time. Take it easy.. We can wait.

dorine said...

You have certainly had a lot of deaths in the family to deal with. Thanks for hanging in there and getting patterns out on time in spite of weddings, deaths, sickness, and life in general. You are amazing, and your patterns are amazing! What a wonderful talent you have. Glad to call you my cousin.