Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marie's Optical Illusion Rule #10

I'm so happy to finish another rule.  Now I'm only 2 months behind!  Rule #10 is 4 disappearing 9 patches.  The technique was to use a folded insert.  I've never made d9p before, and they were really fun.   I combined the folded insert with the d9p's. 

I really had fun making this (faux) cathedral windows block.

 I don't know what to call this block.  It's rather different, but it is a d9p and it has fabric folds.

I used folded pinwheels in my last rule, and decided to put some in this one too.

Here are my 4 d9p pieced together.  The hearts aren't folded, but they fit my optical illusion theme.

I added the 3-d continuous triangles because I thought I needed  more optical illusions.

Here is the whole quilt, just waiting for me to finish the next rules.


dorine said...

It just gets better and better! Love your d9P with folded inserts. Beautiful interpretation of the rule and technique. Can't wait to see the next two! (Well three as 13 is coming out this week! By the way, thank you for the beautiful birthday card and your sweet sentiments inside.

Betty C said...

It's ALL good!

Ann T. said...

I LOVE your block. The different things that can be done to enhance the look is fun. You have done an outstanding job, and can't wait to see what you do next.

Moira said...

Great work! Love how these two rules turned out for you.