Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wonderful Work!

I've just spent part of my Thanksgiving Day enjoying all the beautiful pictures you've been posting. You've made such wonderful quilts! I look forward to seeing how things finish. I've enjoyed learning to know some of Dorinda's descendants a little, too. What a terrific heritage!

I guess this will be my 2012 mystery, too! When I got involved in buying the house, I spent several months not stitching, and now I can't catch up with it all. I will work on that through 2012, though, and if the blog stays up, you will see the way I finish my Civil War version. I expect I'll leave out a few techniques that don't fit the era, but there will be a finish. I've really enjoyed this year's project, even though it's so completely not done.

Is there a plan for a 2012 project of some kind? I would love recreating an antique quilt with others of like mind.


Ann T. said...

Susan, It is good to hear that you are still following us. Moving is a big challenge and priorities change. Catch up as you can, and press forward.
I am doing my block #48 for the Barbara Brackman quilt. You got me interested in that and I have enjoyed the challenge. I have begun to set the rows and hope to be able to finish it by early January. Thank you for your inspiration.
We are thinking about doing another project in 2012. Maybe another Mystery Quilt. This has been fun.

Susan said...

I will keep my fingers crossed, then. I've great plans for the 2011 mystery, and Civil War only has about a dozen more blocks for me to catch up - not bad when you consider I was so far behind!