Wednesday, November 26, 2014

September and October rows

When I received the blocks from the September swap, I got blocks from #1 and #3 patterns. I wanted to have one of each, so made a #2 and a #4 to go with them, then sewed them together. Buttons will go where there are no knobs. (the #2 block I measured wrong and so had to add another strip to the top left, so it looks a little different than the original pattern. :-) ). The #3 block is a beautiful green, but it just does not show up well in the picture.
The October row is also missing the centers until the quilt is complete. Don't want to add them until it is quilted.
I am excited to get the November drawing and sharing done and the December instructions and blocks. Those will be added as the time comes. Now I have to decide what to put as spacers between the rows. Such a variety of colors will need some contemplation to choose what will enhance the blocks.


Teatime Creations said...

Very pretty.

dq said...

I am loving it all together! I like your choice of placement. I am still working on replacing my blocks from the first couple of rows since I put them into my "Sewing Room Delight" quilt.

Ann T. said...

DQ, can't wait to see how you place them, as your first one is so cute.