Friday, December 19, 2014

Flower Blocks

I made one of the flower blocks and it came out okay, although the measurements are a bit larger on one side then they are supposed to measure and I am not sure what happened. I also had some trouble with marking the correct angles of some of the pieces and so I didn't make a matching opposite block because I screwed up the marking and cutting. I decided to try again and this time I had trouble with the center cupping like a mountain! I pressed it and it was better but not perfect. So don't worry I will be keeping that one. I finally figured out that with the cutting and sewing and re-cutting and sewing that my measurements must have gotten thrown off with each step. I was going to just give up and not bother with making any more, but decided I should try to just sew the triangles together and not make the inner spin pieces which would have involved more marking, cutting and sewing, and that I obviously am not be doing very well. I liked making these and they came out the correct size. Since these 2 blocks are different from the flower block choices that we could choose to make, I will keep them for myself. Anyhow here is what I ended up making~

The block above is the block I am swapping. 
This block came out cupped in the center! Arg. So I will keep this one.
I didn't add the center fabrics on this and the other block to keep it simple. This block was easier to sew and get right for me. I added a folded flower with a button for the center. I will sew those on after the quilt is completed so it doesn't get in the way of the quilting.
This is the opposite color placement.
Both side-by-side.
The folded flower with button and apparently the thread of the fabric got in the photo too, lol!!!


Ann T. said...

Darryl, So sorry you had so much trouble. The pictures look great, though. This project does take a LOT of attention to detail, but I had fun making mine! Good luck!!!

dq said...

They are all beautiful Daryl. It sounds like you found a good fit for you which makes me happy. I love the folded flower you created for the middle.