Monday, August 1, 2011

Dorine's Rule #9

Hurray!! It's reveal day! As you probably all guessed, my theme for Rule 9 is chickens. I actually did a rooster, a hen, eggs, and baby chicks. Here is the complete block, but it had to be so small to fit it all in, that I did pictures of the individual sections as well.

Here is the hen. I put the ruler in so you could see the 3D parts. The legs are machine embroidered, and the body is needle turn applique. The comb is simply fabric folder over and gathered. I sewed it on first then appliqued the head over it.

I did the rooster in basically the same way except the tail feathers instead of a wing are 3D. The 3D parts are all self lined, and the under side of each is machine stitched to the background fabric so no raw edges are exposed.
This is my section where two smaller blocks are joined to the larger blocks. No 3D in this section.
And here is the whole quilt put together. I had great fun with this block. I'm really glad I chose this theme. It has been really fun finding ways to use it with the different rules and techniques.


Ann T. said...

LOVE IT. Your rooster and chicken are beautiful. Love the baby chicks too. What a FUN, FUN block.

Sherry said...

That is SO cute! I love chickens!

Betty C said...

You have been very clever with your theme. I love the chicken family. Great job.

dq said...

Your 3D creativity is stimulating and really sets of the block. I'll bet you LOVE looking at it!! I really like that the middle egg is more brown -- so realistic. I also love how you have fussy cut the blue fabric to make an eye for Mr. Rooster.

Tracy said...

This is a fun quilt. You have done a wonderful job with the bird theme. It is coming together really nicely and appealing.

annmarie said...

Oh Ann, I just love it! Your quilt is so unique. And fun too!