Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still in the land of the missing

Well I managed to get the top for my sample quilt finished while on vacation. Had hoped for more than that, but ended up picking up some freelance technical writing as well and ended up putting in a lot of work on that (Still working on it as a matter of fact). And since I've been home have been working hard on the commissioned sewing that i've got piled up here and finishing up the technical writing.

Do have an idea of what I want to do, just haven't had time to actually draw it up.....and then make it. Meanwhile I have to get the sample quilt I made from the block pattern that is being published onto the frame so I can get get it quilted and bound before the end of the month. Not to mention getting ready for grad school which starts again on Monday.

Have enjoyed looking at everyone else's work tho!


dorine said...

Sounds like you are busy! Will be looking forward to having you get caught up enough to get some mystery blocks done when you are able.

dorine said...

Sounds like you are busy!! Will look forward to having you get caught up and posting some mystery blocks!

Ann T. said...

Busy girl! Good luck with your many tasks, and with this semester of school.