Monday, August 8, 2011

Rule Release #10

RULE: Make four disappearing 9 patches 
What is a D9P?  Here are some links to help you:

joscountryjunction tutorial
amysorensen disappearing-nine-patch-tutorial
youtube tutorial

TECHNIQUE:  Use a folded insert technique.  See explanation at the very bottom of this post.

SIZE:  At this point our quilts should measure 43-1/2" wide and  49-1/2" tall.  Block # 10 should be 9" finished (9-1/2" unfinished) tall and fit the full width of the quilt (43-1/2" wide).  We will place it on the top or bottom of the quilt.   This should help in getting it rectangular shaped for the top of a bed.

When the block is finished post a picture of the block, then sew it to the top or bottom of your quilt and post a picture of the whole quilt.

DUE DATE:  We will have one month to complete this block.  You may begin posting teasers Aug 15, and the full release can be posted on Sept 1st.  The next rule will be released September 8. 

Deana's Folded Insert Technique Tutorial

Basically a folded insert is a technique where you fold the fabric and catch the raw unfolded edges in a seam.  The folded edge can then be curved back for great new look.  You can jazz up any traditional block that has a half square triangle in it with this technique.  Here is how.

I began by cutting squares - any size works.

Next I folded my "inserts" in half to form a pressed triangle.

Next I placed them on top of squares of the same size and sewed the block together catching the raw edges of the folded insert in the seams.

The next step is to curve back the folded part and hand or machine stitch it down.  (Mine are just pinned for demonstration).

This gives the half square triangle a nice curved look.
If you place two folded triangles over one square, you can create a beautiful oval opening like the one shown in the photo below.

Here are some pictures of other blocks that are made with this technique.  Note that they are simple traditional blocks with half square triangles in them.

There are many many other ways to use this technique that do not use half square tringles.  Someone could use a folded insert to make a beak or wing on a bird, a window on a house, the sky is the limit!!Some other ways to use this technique are demonstrated in the links below.

phillipsfiberart compass video


Cathedral Windows Tutorial

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